Coccyx pain less, but sitting for long periods painful

Helen, UK -

Posted 2018-07-29

I started feeling pain in my tailbone about 5 years ago, in 2013. It started gradually, but after about a year it started to really impinge on my life. I found I couldn't sit for long periods anymore. I saw an osteopath who did one internal manipulation, but when that didn't help with the pain, he didn't know what to advise. I had some physiotherapy which also didn't help. The phsyio thought my coccyx had been pushed really far in and was at the wrong angle (turns out that wasn't that case). I went away travelling for almost a year, during which time the pain worsened, and I returned to London determined to fix it.

Nobody knows exactly what triggered the pain, though it's possible it was caused by a snowboarding fall about 4 years before the pain started. At the time, it hurt for about 2 weeks and then felt better, but it could be that it never healed properly and my body was compensating for the injury since then.

I got a standing desk at work which helped a lot. Plane and car journeys were (still are) the worst. I found most coccyx cushions didn't help much. Using a TENS machine is the only way I can deal with long flights - it really helps with the pain short term, though isn't a long term solution.

I saw another physio who said my hips were twisted and abdominal muscles not strong enough. However, once both those things were rectified, the pain in and around my coccyx did not subside. I saw a chiropractor (listed on this website) - Robert Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London)- for a few months. When the pain wasn't subsiding with treatment, Robert recommended steroid injections, which did not help either. I saw another physio - no help.

Finally I booked in to see London-based chiropractor Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I'd been putting it off due to the cost, but after wasting so much money elsewhere, I realised it was silly not to at least try Michael.

He took x-rays and said my coccyx didn't have nearly as much