3 months after partial coccygectomy with Dr Rudolph Schrot


Posted 2018-10-21

6 ft 4 300 pound 31 year old male here. Suffered a fall directly onto my tailbone at age 14 thanks to a teammate hitting me before the whistle during football practice. Had a back surgery (laminectomy) for congenital spinal stenosis/sciatica at age 16 and suffered from worsening lower back/sacrum/si joint/pelvic floor dysfunction ever since these injuries. I attributed this pain/dysfunction to my spinal stenosis diagnosis all the way up until this last year when while visiting a chiropractor, their traction table's nodes caught ahold of my tailbone (I'm assuming it was crooked) and yanked it loose resulting in a hypermobile side bent coccyx, rather just a side bent coccyx. My back began locking up on me every time the coccyx was under any pressure whatsoever be it from sitting or even just doing yoga.

I had x rays performed and the numb nuts radiologist said my tailbone was just fine even though I knew good and well it was loose thanks to my inventing a technique to adjust it, which temporarily relieved pain/headaches/pelvic floor dysfunction. I used a therawand I had previously purchased over the internet to treat pelvic floor dysfunction to hook underneath the coccyx and leverage it back into its natural position.

After consulting this fine website and poring through people's experiences I decided that Dr Rudolph Schrot in Sacramento (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California) had the best reviews and decided to send him my x rays. He called me and said that I sounded like a good candidate for surgery and a consultation/surgery date was soon scheduled. This was my 7th surgery and I have to say it was far less painful than many of my previous ones. I only took 3 of my pain pills total, all on the day of my flight home (stayed in Sacramento for one week after surgery) and was able to walk/take care of myself just fine. My back did lock up on me after the 6 hour flight and taxi home but hasn't locked up on me since despite my resuming driving within 3 weeks of the surgery.

I learned a neat stretch that got rid of my lingering lower back pain. Sac Stretch in Neck for Miracle Relief of Neck, Midback, Low Back Pain and see for yourself. The strain on my dural tube from the coccyx injury was causing me headaches, lower back pain, sacrum/si joint pain as well as a "list", meaning I was leaning to one side to compensate for my crooked tailbone.

I am now 1 month removed from surgery and am lifting weights, walking miles, driving for hours at a time, stretching, all of which I haven't done for a year and even before that was severely limited. My lower back feels great but my si joints are still quite inflamed which Dr Shrot says is normal. I have been taking Kratom leaf for the pain and it has me feeling great but be careful if you try it as overdoing Kratom has consequences. I will begin pelvic floor physical therapy next month and will update after that. Good luck everyone...

Update, 2018-12-30

Now just past 3 months removed from partial coccygectomy and am doing great! Have lost 35 pounds since the surgery and am exercising 8 + hours a day. Doing lots of hot yoga/Pilates focusing on stretching and strengthening the hips/glutes in particular. Rolling around on various balls/massage tools to aid in flexibility and then seeing a trusted chiropractor periodically. I haven't felt this lined up and straight since prior to the tailbone injury. The pelvic floor physical therapist wasn't of much use to me, but what was of use to me was the purchasing of a pelvic floor massage tool better designed for men. It's called the LA pelviwand and can be purchased online. Sexual function has dramatically improved, back pain has dramatically subsided.

Now if I can just give up chewing tobacco and work to downregulate my nervous system (see Wim Hof regarding nervous system regulation), I think my pelvic floor/sexual function will return to normal. I have worked insanely hard and have been fortunate enough to have these 3 months to fully dedicate to my recovery. I sit in the hot tub daily, go to hot yoga, sit in the sauna, take full body ice baths/cold showers, use various tools to break up scar tissue (dolphin Neurostim/Chinese cupping set/massage balls) and then listen to Dr. David Wise's paradoxical relaxation protocol to further calm my upregulated nervous system.

I was not cleared for a full chiropractic adjustment until 3 months after surgery but once I had a chiropractor adjust my entire spine/sacrum/si joints I immediately felt much much better. I think all the yoga I had been doing primed me for the adjustment. Now it's just a matter of strengthening the hips/lower back to ward off any future pain from misalignment. I rate my pain from all things tailbone related (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, si joint, headaches) as 99 % better. Pelvic floor function 50 % better, but am fully confident that I can attain the missing 50% through what I have mentioned as well as giving up the potent stimulant that is nicotine. Best of luck everybody!

I have also been taking many new supplements that may be playing a role. Serrapeptase/natokinase and various supplements designed to support liver function being the most interesting ones...

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