Never ending daily tailbone pain

Cathy, Canada -

Posted 2018-03-25

My name is Cathy, 50 years young. I fell backwards over 20 years ago and broke /fractured my tailbone. Took over a week for the diagnosis, finally a x-ray showed the break.

Obviously it healed incorrectly, or the amount of arthritis in the joints is causing me the horrible pain I have daily.

I have tried the nerve blocks for 3 years, now it does nothing, I have tried internal manipulation, of the muscles from a pelvic physiotherapist. No help! I have tried physiotherapy, and massage therapy and osteopath, besides being in debt, no help.

I have a x-ray requisition for a siting x-ray, have had it for 3 yeas, unfortunately no one in the Ontario area, does these x-rays, and the MRI I had did not take correctly and does not show the coccyx., my family Dr is of no help , she has no clue what to suggest .

The only thing I have not tried yet, as it is painful, and the injections are painful enough, is the burning of the nerves , this will apparently help? Its a long wait list !! I just want a Dr or specialist to properly diagnose me so that the correct treatment can be done..

If there is any Dr or specialist that honestly knows the coccyx Please forward his/her information to me..



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