Coccydynia treated with Lyrica

Chris, Greece -

Posted 2018-08-12

Hello, I am from Greece and I have 16 months Coccydynia! I couldn't sit, I couldn't go to the toilet I couldn't have sex and I was in pain! I went to many doctors and I had a lot of treatments!!!

Nothing helped me until one doctor told me to drink medicine called Lyrica. It's for the nerve pain. I took it for almost 8 months and now the pain has almost gone. I couldn't believe it!! I tell you my story so that I can help you as much as I can!!!! Go to the doctor and tell him about this medicine.

Update 2019-09-08

Itís been 1 year now with out taking any medicine or having any treatment. The pain has gone at 99 percent. The medicine worked fine!!!

Note from Jon Miles: Please be careful about taking drugs for coccydynia. They have their place, but if the coccyx is dislocating, taking drugs to mask the pain can make the underlying condition worse. See the Drugs page.

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