Physical Therapy, manipulation and exercise did the trick

Anonymous, West Michigan, USA

Posted 2018-11-04

It was 8 months before I found help from a Women's Health Physical Therapist. My therapist used McKenzie PT and concluded I needed to do 10 press-ups every 2 hours. Along with that we worked on my core, pelvic floor, Kegels, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, posture, and body scanning.

I also had internal manipulation of the tailbone, massaging of the muscles (turning point for me), and electrical stimulation. I now work out at the gym 5 days per week and do home exercises.

It was a long journey (5 months). But I'm feeling great, sitting on my sit bones, and don't look or act like I'm 70. I have learned to be patient and work hard. My physical therapist was awesome!

Update, 2019-12-08

My tailbone pain has disappeared. Since spring I had pain if I touched my tailbone. It was not all the time, just occasionally. I could not find a pattern to it. I still worked out five times a week.

In September I had a knee replacement. Since then I have not had any tailbone pain. Now I'm walking correctly and am doing the exercises my PT gave me for my tailbone, doing some cardio, lifting weights, and doing some Pilates.

I think for me the key was internal massaging of the tailbone, exercising, and the knee replacement.

I recommend the Center for Physical Rehabilitation in Grand Rapids MI. It is a great place for PT. They have 6 clinics and work with many schools and are involved in the community. Both my PTs, for my tailbone and knee, came from there.

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