Physical Therapy, manipulation and exercise did the trick

Anonymous, West Michigan, USA

Posted 2018-11-04

It was 8 months before I found help from a Women's Health Physical Therapist. My therapist used McKenzie PT and concluded I needed to do 10 press-ups every 2 hours. Along with that we worked on my core, pelvic floor, Kegels, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, posture, and body scanning.

I also had internal manipulation of the tailbone, massaging of the muscles (turning point for me), and electrical stimulation. I now work out at the gym 5 days per week and do home exercises.

It was a long journey (5 months). But I'm feeling great, sitting on my sit bones, and don't look or act like I'm 70. I have learned to be patient and work hard. My physical therapist was awesome!

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