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Jacki, USA - Update - Constant tailbone pain

John McCarthy - Update - Coccyx and spondylolisthesis (L5-S1) pain

Chanda - Update - 9 years of pain

Theresa - Update - My life has changed totally

Donna - Update - I'm having a coccygectomy tomorrow

Rebecca - Update - C-Section for 2nd baby?

Carol - Update - Has anyone in Virginia had Dr. Cardea operate on them?

Harriet - Update - Trying craniosacral therapy and yoga

Colleen - Update - My personal saga and coccygectomy

Toni - Don't know whether to have the operation

Mireille - Coccygodinia and operation, removal of my coccyx

Doug F. - My story of coccyx pain and the relief from treatment

Richard L. - Update - Help needed for coccyx pain

Nicole - I had excruciating pain when I went to rise from a sitting position

Kate - Cymbalta seemed to help the pain

John - Brushed off by GP, but manual treatment is working

Bonnie A Pence - My coccygectomy

Mel - Just diagnosed

Jacqui Wooley - Very unsympathetic doctor

Shania - How to breastfeed with coccyx pain?

Rebecca - Try Chiropractor/body work

Margaret - Muscular spasms and constant pain

Leah Benton - My lovely history that many say is "all in my head"

Kay - I am determined not to be beaten by this

Danielle - Surgery for pilonidal cyst, then tailbone pain

John T. - Injection from Dr Foye

Caroline - Success with manipulation and exercises from Michael Durtnall

Anonymous - Frustrated

Brandon Smith - Lumbar Extender saves the day

Sue - I have been in pain for 6 years now

Dawn - Successful surgery in Indiana

Noel - Update - Coccygectomy September 2 & feeling good

Sarah - Eventually found a doctor to take the problem seriously

Juan Jose Munoz Lopez - A new man!

Gail - BUTT what caused it?!

Elliott Cooke - Steroid injection from Dr. Foye ended the pain

Clare Holmes - Constant tailbone pain since March 2008, no trauma, don't know how I've done it!!!

Brian - Doctor intending to remove the last joint

Anonymous - Thank you, Dr. Zail!

Anonymous - Successful coccyx removal in Belgium

Shelley - Update - Coccyx removal with epidural instead of general anesthetic

Hussain Nazeer Kizhakkedathu - Treatment with Dr Foye

Janet - Successful surgery in 2006

Anonymous - Last resource.. laser? Time will tell....

Mythily - Pain due to manipulation

John - My experience with Dr. Zail Khalsa

Audrey - Just had coccyx excision on July 29, 2008

Anonymous - Adjusted myself

Anonymous - Bike accident

Andy Kirk - Please don't sit on your legs

Dana - 6 days after surgery

Tabitha - Tailbone pain after abdominal surgery

Ruth - Suffering from coccyx pain for over 3 years

Pleaby - Do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Foye in Newark NJ

Novi - Manual adjustment cured the pain

Kirsty - In pain ever since childbirth

Claire - Update - I didn't hurt my tailbone!

Carolyn - The importance of finding the right surgeon

Thomas - Successful treatment with Dr Foye

Rita - Pain relief at last!!!!

Michelle - Tailbone pain and back pain

Kris - Has anyone tried physical therapy?

Debbie - Update - Headed to a surgeon for coccygectomy

Cindi Rella - Update - Internal manipulation not working so far

Anonymous - Self-manipulation made the pain worse

Andrea - Back to work after surgery

Kristi - Day 2 after removal of my coccyx

Anonymous - Coccyx pain faded, now come back

Sandra - Update - Surgery and still healing

Fausto - Mesotherapy cured the pain

Andee - My poor tailbone!

Michele - An off the wall method that worked for me

Bethan - Please don't hesitate to seek help any longer

Dale - Tailbone and 2/3 of sacrum removed

CD-Anonymous - One other way - How to treat coccydynia

Tracey - Suffering in France!

Lisa - Coccyx problems and removal

Jackie - Tailbone sticks out and back pain

Richard - Dissolving stitches and surgical glue did not hold

Karen Denton - Update - Coccyx and sacrum pain

Deirdre - Decisions, decisions

Caroline - Pain cured with manipulation

Marloes - Update - Coccyx at 45 degree angle to sacrum - I'm cured!

LH - Scared about surgery, but nothing left to try - Live in Northern Virginia

Donna - The eighth doctor finally gave me hope

Nina Litvak - Found relief!

Mike - Update - Muscle relaxers to counteract muscle spasm

Sam - Pain gone after spinal adjustment

Caroline - Success with surgery in France

Anonymous - Injections in New York

Lynn Hill - 15 weeks post-op and still in pain

Charlotte - 21 year old hoping for help after 11 years

Lorette - Update - Is a radiofrequency nerve block a good idea?

Laureen - There is hope

DW - Treatment from Dr. Sussman

Jaap - Coccyx pain and strongly reduced pain

Susie - Finally no more pain!!!

Su - It's a miracle!

Síle - Found a car that helps

Romaine - My experience with this pain

Rachel - Doctor in Dayton, Ohio area?

Pan Pan - A sneeze .. coccydynia .. four years

Leonardo Morales - Gym machine helped

Brian - I've been experiencing pain in my coccyx for over a year

Amy - Help is found in upstate New York

Shelley - Ice skating injury

Renee Oswald - Pelvic floor pain after tailbone removal

A depresssed mother - Can't get any help from doctors

Margaret - Pelvic floor physical therapy

Lisa - Update - 18+ years of pain - surgery 20 Feb - recovery time?

Kerry - Can't take the pain anymore

Donna - An equestrian with coccydynia

Patty - Update - Advice needed on surgery

Michelle Wild - Update - People tried to talk me out of this op

Anonymous - Spinal surgery

Pam - Update - Ready for surgery

Lindsey M - Dislocated tailbone - should I have surgery? So torn!

Ellen - Living with it for 17 years

Anonymous - Removal of child's coccyx because of cyst

NSM - Fell on tailbone: still in pain four years later

Liliana Cordero - Yo tengo un paciente con coccigodinia

Anonymous - Kicked in the butt

Anonymous - Problem with muscles and ligaments

Crystal Wright - Bar stool collapsed

Sam - Treatment that worked

Rita - la mia storia

Lynne Voros - How many others with broken coccyx?

Célestine - My pain and suffering for 6 years

Lisa - In pain, coccyx 90 degree angle!

Keri - Abscess then tailbone injury

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