Constant tailbone pain since March 2008

Clare Holmes -

Posted 2008-09-28

My name is Clare and I live in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK. I am a keen horse rider and walker and in March 2008 I started experiencing major pain in my coccyx, despite having not done anything significant to cause the actual pain. I hadn't banged it, fallen over or anything. It just started out of no where. The only thing I had done was lose a bit of weight , 2 stone, and the majority of the weight came off my backside and legs, like it always does. Never off my tummy where it should go from!!!

I had started horse riding again in the new year, only went 4 times, before the pain started. So my husband seems to think that I must have done something whilst riding to aggravate the situation, but I hadn't. I'm a good horse rider, and I would have known immediately if I had done anything to cause this kind of pain. Trust me! Possibly just possible the weight loss, coupled by the horse riding might have kick started an aggravated coccyx but who knows??? I'm not a doctor.

I struggled on for about 4 months kind of hoping it would clear itself up and go away. But it didn't... it got worse. I sit down all day at desk and even a cut out cushion hasn't helped at all. I finally went to the doctors in June 2008. He referred me for an x-ray of my spine which came back non conclusive.... so he then referred me to a spinal specialist at Ipswich Hospital. My appointment came through in September for the end of October and so now I have to wait for that.

In the meantime I am on that many drugs its untrue. The pain is like a dull constant ache all the time and never ever goes away. Its driving me mad. I cannot sit on the sofa at home, unless I sit on one bum cheek! At work I have to keep getting up and wandering round just to alleviate the pain. The nights are worse. I struggle to sleep. If I lay on my back the pain is worse. I cannot sit up in bed to watch TV etc... can only lay on my side. The pain is weird cos if I push the tip of the coccyx I cant feel anything, but if I push around it, like on the tissues its intense! I am just waiting for my appointment on 23rd October. I'm praying that the specialist will come up with a solution! I want to have an MRI because deep down I'm concerned about cancer. I know its a long shot but you just never know. I worry all the time its something bad, which probably makes the pain worse as I'm constantly worrying!!! My husband is disabled and I have to help him from time to time and now he is suffering cos I'm in constant pain.

Hopefully I will have answers soon. Its been 7 months so far of pain and worry..... and I want it to end. I'm only 34... don't want to be like this forever!

Kind regards

Clare Holmes

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