Abscess then tailbone injury

Keri - booyaca18@hotmail.com

Posted 2008-01-06

My name is Keri, I am a 24 year old female. When I was 17 I felt this horrible pain in the tailbone and could not sit down. I remember feeling as though I was going to be sick . . . my mom sent me to a walk-in clinic. It was December 23rd so as you can imagine I had to wait 3 hours to see a doctor. He immediately referred me to a surgeon and gave me antibiotics in an attempt to clear the infection. I woke up New Years day that year and the pain was gone . . . but as many of you have experienced . . . there was wetness on my backside. It had burst . . . but oh how much better it felt.

The surgery was booked for February 7th that year because the infection was still present. He informed me it would take up to two weeks to heal . . . sure enough, HE WAS SO WRONG. I spent a month and a half at home, my senior year and went back when it was bearable but the wound was still healing. It wasn't until August that year that it had completely closed . . . 5 months.

They continued to give me tylenol 3 for the pain for the first two months and stopped it cold turkey. I had been given 2 every 4 hours as prescribed . . . I was 17 and did what the doctors said to do . . . I had cold sweats in class and had somehow become addicted to codeine through this experience. It was difficult to get off the pills because my body was so dependent on them, it took time of cutting them out. I went to six, then to four, then two, one, half. This worked. Anyone with this problem get help. OR you may not realize you have this problem. Your body should never depend on painkillers to manage.

A year after the surgery I still had pain so called the surgeon and he said I could come in immediately for an appointment. He said the abscess had not returned but inserted his finger into my rectum and wiggled what felt like a bone. That was excruciating. He said it was just loose . . . would heal over time. sure enough it didn't.

After this 'wiggle' it continued to hurt, now even more. I went to college, tried to stand once and a while and spent a lot of time in pain.

When I was 23 I fell down 6 stairs, hitting each step with my tailbone on the way down. My husband heard the crying and ran down to my rescue. He wasn't sure what was wrong because he was in the shower during the fall.

I went to bed and called in sick that day . . . I could barely stand. I went to the doctors in the afternoon and she didn't even ask me to pull down my pants . . . said it's probably bruised it will be fine. I told her I wanted X-rays . . . She called me two days later and set up an appointment for a bone scan at the hospital. The X-ray showed angulation of the tailbone. I waited for a month for the results with no call so I went in to see her. She couldn't find the paper work but assured me everything was fine . . . it would heal.

So another year has passed, I've had pain for seven years now . . . this last the worst. I work full-time and go to school part-time . . . writing my thesis this year. I have to sit a lot, I don't want this to run my life anymore and would love for this pain to subside as everyone has so eagerly told me for years.

I went back to another doctor a month ago and told her that I don't want pills, cushions, physio, chiro doesn't work. I just want that pain gone. Has anyone had the frustration of being told to use a ROID CUSHION for tailbone pain??? Talk about ridiculous! This cushion takes pressure off the rectum by displacing the weight on the tailbone and thighs . . . I found it was more excruciating. I made sure to tell her not to prescribe one of those. I am trying to get into see an orthopedic specialist she referred me to . . . but the wait here is 5 months to see him. What's another 5 months right? It just feels good that this doctor listened, believed the pain was real and substantial.

Has anyone had a similar experience? She thinks removing the tailbone might be the best thing. I . . . am unsure. Surgery should not be taken lightly . . . but neither should pain.


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