Kicked in the butt

Anonymous -

Posted 2008-02-03

I'm only 13 years old. Yesterday, during recess I got kicked in the butt and around 10 minutes later started experience minor pain. It slowly increased during the day and then decreased as the day was getting to my bed time. While I was sleeping I had trouble sleeping straight because of the pain. I also had trouble moving during sleeping because I move a lot during sleep and as I moved the pain ached.

Between the 2 days of my pain, the most pain I had was when I woke up this morning. Today, the day after the incident about 32 hours after the kick it still continues to hurt. I've read several of the stories included on your page and most of them involved falling and none with kicking or punching to buttox.

I'm asking if I would possibly have that tailbone fracture problem them people falling have.

If so, what should I do.

If it involves doctors, list that and possibly anything else because I cant go to the doctors for the next 2 or 3 months. Going to doctors involve skipping school and I'm getting a series of hard test that count a lot to my education life in the next 2 or 3 months.

From a 1 through 10 my pain would be around a 4 compared to the first day of a second degree burn I once had on my hand which I would rate a 3.5.

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