Pelvic floor pain

Renee Oswald -

Posted 2008-03-03

Hi there. I thought I would update my condition for the readers.

I had my tailbone out in 2005 with awful results. I am now in treatment for pelvic floor pain, as a result of not having the tailbone to support the pelvic floor. The pubic bone and tailbone support the pelvic floor if one or the other is missing you have BIG problems. I urge the people (male and female) to check with your doctor if you have pain after the removal or even before. I had no clue these muscles were so important. Because of the removal in my case my pelvic floor is not working as a result I have back pain, pain sitting, and pain during sex.

A gynaecologist is the ideal doctor for me specializing in pelvic floor issues. Additional therapy is also required and is very expensive, such as Botox and trigger point injections. I am finding some relief but am still on pain meds after 4 years. I have been told not to expect much as the condition started 14 years ago when the tailbone broke. It takes time. I wanted to share this in hopes that one person (or more) will read this and get the help they need! Thanks

Renee Oswald

Note from Jon Miles: I cannot agree that if you have your tailbone missing you are bound to have big problems with your pelvic floor. There are many people who have reported on this website that they have had their tailbone removed without causing pelvic floor problems. Surgery is not always successful in removing the pain, and it should be a last resort when other treatments have failed. But if you are a good candidate for surgery, and your surgeon has plenty of experience and success with this operation, there's an 80% chance of getting rid of the pain. There are more details on the coccygectomy page.

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