My pain and suffering for 6 years

Célestine -

Posted 2008-01-13

Hi, my name is Célestine and I'm a Flemish girl, from Bruges in Belgium. I hope I don't write too many faults in English.

I found your website about coccyx pain. 6 and a half years ago I fell off a horse, and while I was on the ground the horse walked over me and kicked with his last hoof on my tailbone. (When you fall you fall often on your bum but he kicked right on top of the tailbone.) I went to a doctor to have pictures taken. They said it wasn't broken and I just had to sit on a donut cushion for a while.

2 years later my suffering began to get worse and worse. I couldn't sit in a car properly, I had a job where I was sitting the whole time, it began to be impossible for me to have a normal life.

I went to hospital and got 2 injections with cortisone, it didn't help. At last they removed part of my coccyx. That was in December 2003, now 4 years ago. NOT A GOOD IDEA, I write it in capital letters, please think about it good before you do such a thing!!! After a year I went back to the doctor and he said that I had psychological problems, so that I was imagining the pain and that I had to live with it.

My pain is still there, so I went to a pain-clinic, they burned (!) a nerve in that area, to reduce the pain. 7 weeks of extreme pain later I was able to work sitting without pain. But watching TV, cinema, have a drink with friends was painful. Even riding my bike to work is impossible (2.5 km!) (Maybe you have noticed that a hard chair is better than the softest cushion in the world?)

Now with Xmas holidays I sat a lot in a sofa, watching TV, or aperitif with my family, it got worse. The same pain before the burning of the nerve. When I have a bad day, the covers of my bed hurt when they are on top of me. (I can't sleep on my back anymore because of the pain).

I'm having a holiday in Canada in a week, and I'm scared, it's a 7 hour flight. Because of the strict rules in America I got a permit from my house doctor to bring my donut on the plane and take painkillers on the flight.

I have no idea what to do anymore. I can get a second 'burning' of a nerve, but I was in so much pain last time. I had excruciating pain for +/- 7 weeks. Standing, sitting, working, even going to the toilet was torture.

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