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Juan Jose Munoz Lopez - juanjose.munozlopez@gmail.com

Posted 2008-09-28


I am happy you publish my email and name as I think it is important for people to know my case and if they want to contact me and I would love to answer them. I am 33 years old and 1 month ago I looked like a 70 years old man. Several pains in my back and no hope in Spain as Doctors just told me: live with it, swim ... But they did not take care of me. My problem was mechanical! not just some drugs and swim! So flew to Chico California to see my, now, "American father", Dr Chris Kemper (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He is not just a Chiropractor, he has a great heart and love to help people, and he did it with me.

Cranial cervical alignment was lateral 10 degrees with compensatory pelvic tilt and rotation. 40% weakness in thigh. Loss of flexibility 10 inches from floor, 5-6/10 level pain getting worst all the time.

  1. Treatment: First aligned with Geometry-based (formerly known as Palmer method, Pettibon, Grostic, NUCCA now better explained as vector-specific 3 dimensional alignment of cranial and pelvic centers of gravity to plum.
  2. Coccyx release with the Wooley-Kemper procedure
  3. Stretching and thigh extension
  4. Within 2 days 4" truck flexion improvement
  5. Within 4 days 8 " truck flexion improvement
  6. Within 8 days 12 inches, 100% strength and perfect vertical spinal alignment

Now back to Spain and starting a new life. I am so glad with my treatment. It deserved to go so far away and if I need to go anytime in future I will do it.

Thanks for publishing and listen to me


Juan Jose Munoz Lopez

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