Lumbar Extender saves the day

Brandon Smith -

Posted 2008-10-19

In the Spring of 2007, I began to have severe coccyx pain due to a tailbone injury a year earlier from jumping into a pool that was too shallow and landing on my tailbone. I even posted to this group in November 2007 as I was willing to try adjustments, gimmicks and even surgery. Nothing seemed to help despite my attempt at chiropractic care, x-rays, talks with doctors and even internal adjustments (which only provided temporary relief).

Everything changed last winter when I bought a Lumbar Extender. I began to use this extender twice a day for 5 minutes each. At first, the extender was very painful as it stretched the lower back muscles. But after a couple weeks I began to get used to it and I started to notice a difference in my tailbone pain. Before the extender I couldn't even sit on a carpeted floor, in a car or on a padded office chair without tremendous pain. But I started to notice that I was able to sit longer without pain. Eventually, after about 6 weeks of faithful use (yes, you have to be faithful), my pain was virtually gone. I didn't post to this group right away about my results because I wanted to wait and see if it lasted. But here I am, almost 1 year later, and I still am pain free most of the time. Sure, sitting on a hard wooden chair in the wrong position for too long still results in some pain, but I am pretty much back to normal now! It may not help some of you, but I wanted to pass this along in case it can help some of you.

There are a few different extenders on the market. We bought the "Lumbar Extender" which is around $90 on I've also seen a copycat called Back Magic for about $30. It looks the same, but I can only vouch for the "Lumbar Extender". It makes all the difference in the world with my coccyx pain . . . as long as I use it. And let me repeat, it will hurt when you first use it, but it is well worth the initial pain to be pain free 99% of the time. Feel free to email me with any questions. And no, I don't profit in any way when you buy an extender.

Brandon Smith

Lumbar Extender Lumbar Extender in use

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