Who will do the internal manipulation?

Brandon - bsmith@presentationsdirect.com

Posted 2007-11-04

Almost 2 years ago, while playing with my son, I jumped into a shallow pool in a "cannonball" position and landed on my tailbone. I had instant pain, but surprisingly, the pain went away a few months later. But then, after a few months of being pain free, the pain suddenly returned (without further injury) and was stronger than before. I have no idea why this happened!

So here I am in a lot of pain knowing that I may have 40 more years to live like this. As I consider my options, I have often read about doctors doing an internal manipulation to help alleviate pain, but I can't find any doctors that will actually do that. I live in South Carolina near Charlotte and Atlanta. My doctors in SC won't do this manipulation, and I've read on this site that Georgia doctors won't do it either. So if this internal manipulation is always mentioned on medical sites, why don't any doctors actually do it?

So if someone knows where I can look in the Southeast to find a doctor that would do this internal manipulation, I would greatly appreciate your help. Or if someone would just direct me to the type of doctor that would do this. My primary care won't, my chiropractor won't, an orthopedic doctor won't . . . . so who will???


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