I am determined not to be beaten by this

Kay - kayfortune@talktalk.net

Posted 2008-11-02

Hi there, there is an expression "a pain in the bum" this surely originated by someone suffering from pain in the tail bone. I have suffered from back pain for almost 44 years now, have worked full time, with a year off due to being in a full body plaster, had two children, but generally just dealt with the pain myself. It began after my first child was born when I was 19 years of age. I was sent to an orthopaedic surgeon who took a lumbar puncture checked for TB, cancer among other things said it was "wear and tear" gave me cortisone injections, about 4 in all.

I am now 63 years of age but find I am becoming quite debilitated due to several health issues. I worked till 63 then have had to stop. My pain all started in the tail bone but over the years has spread to all parts of me, hips, neck, back, legs, elbows, hands, feet, have I left any part of my anatomy out? Lol

Well having just been seen by another ortho surgeon (been seen by about 8 over the years) who gave me the brush off (did give me one cortisone injection in hip for bursitis which I've now developed) chiropractors, osteopaths, faith healers, you name them I've probably tried them. I was taken into hospital at 32 put on heavy duty drugs for complete bed rest for 6 weeks x-rayed to see what was happening to my spine while immobile then put in a full body plaster jacket (from under arms to tops of legs) for one whole year, all they did in 6 weeks was overlook the fact I suffered a blockage of the bowel and nearly killed me). Prior to that had physio, heat treatment, numerous surgical corsets, never wore high heels etc. etc so it goes on.

I think what I'm trying to say is no one has taken my pain seriously and I have had to work, and like a lot of people I've just put up and shut up. My GP retired about two years ago and my new GP is male, quite sympathetic, but I suppose he's thinking what on earth does she expect us to do about it now?? After reading your blog and seeing what others are doing about there pain management I am determined not to be beaten by this. I have resolved to tell my GP just how I have to cope with this and if it were not for my husband's help I could not go on. There are MRI scans, patches for pain management, pain clinics etc, so I have resolved to try the "new technologies " to help deal with this.

I hope your site-users are not put off when they read this and dread the future if they are suffering and feel nobody is listening to them. I say dig your heels in and demand further tests, help with pain relief, whatever it takes and I am going to take a leaf out of my own book and do just that. Thanks for this site, it just goes to show me a lot of people are in similar positions and if by coming on here and telling other sufferers how they cope and offer support, well more power to your elbow! Ouch forgot to say these are sore too.

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