Successful surgery in Indiana

Dawn -

Posted 2008-10-12

I just wanted to let people know about my surgery. It went really well. To keep it dry I used a blow dryer 4 times a day. That kept it from getting infected. I did get blisters from the tape. I used gold bond talcum powder to keep it dry. I also used maxi pads instead of gauze. It soaked up all the moisture.

I read so many bad stories I was scared to death. I'm glad I did though, cause I was prepared for the worst and it went fine. I came home that same day.

I'm on 2 weeks and I'm walking a mile a day. I plan on going back to work next week. It fixed my problem right away. My tailbone was broke in half.

If you are having issues with your coccyx do have the surgery. Just keep it dry. . . . dry dry dry.

Dr Trammell was the doctor (see Doctors and specialists in the USA).

Dawn, Indiana

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