My poor tailbone!

Andee -

Posted 2008-06-15

Due to the fact that I have A TON of things that could possibly be causing my tailbone/lower back painÖIíll give you a "quick" run through of my "story":

As a child, I was a competitive gymnast. I tore up my right knee at 15 yoa and had to quit gymnastics. The following year, I grew 7 inches and found out I had scoliosis in the bottom of my back. Never had any pain from my scoliosis and the doc said it wasnít bad enough to need any sort of treatment.

At 23 yoa, I am told by my family doc that the pain I keep getting in my neck and left shoulder is due to spinal arthritis in my neck and I will have to probably take anti-inflammatory meds to keep it under control. I also find out I have bursitis under my left shoulder blade. It flares up a couple times a year and I canít move my head, neck or left arm.

Move ahead about 4 years, and Iím trying to get pregnant w/ my first child. My OB/GYN informs me that my pelvic bone is "underdeveloped" likely from all the athletics as a child and that I will probably have trouble having a child vaginally. Move ahead 2 more years, I give birth, vaginally, to a completely healthy 7lb 6oz baby boy. Minor tailbone discomfort follows, which I assume is normal since I just gave birth. A couple months and its gone.

Move ahead 4 years, Iím 5 months pregnant with second child, and start having the most God-awful pain in my tailbone and lower spine. Hips seem to be dislocating. OB/GYN refers me for physical therapy for rest of my pregnancy, which does not help AT ALL (including a compression belt I have to wear around my hips)

I end up with pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure) and my doc induced my labor 3 weeks early. My second son it born vaginally, 6lbs 13oz. I had major complications after his birth. I ended up having emergency D&C surgery.

Find out at my 6 week appointment that all the complications after his birth caused my uterus, bladder and rectum to all collapse. Doc wants to wait until I am done breast feeding to move forward with any treatment.

Which brings us to 3 months agoÖI had a full hysterectomy, a bladder sling with A&P repairs done with TVT at 32 years old. I have about ZERO stomach muscles and so Iím sure my back compensates for that.

Okay, beginning when I was 5 months pregnant with my second child, my tailbone/lower back pain has hurt like hell. And since my surgery 3 months ago, has gotten steadily less bearable. It is excruciating! I have been doing lots of research on causes of tailbone/lower back pain and almost EVERYTHING that has happened to me can cause tailbone pain. An injury from gymnastics, scoliosis, arthritis, child birth, hysterectomy, A&P repairs, no core musclesÖall things that can cause my pain.

My OB/GYN has told me since the onset of this that it will go away with time. Well, my second son is now 18 months oldÖand the pain seems to be getting worse, not better.

Iím tired of waiting for him to refer me to another doc. SoÖI am starting the long, grueling process of finding a doctor to help me! I canít deal with this pain anymore. So, Friday I have an appointment with my family doctor. Iím sure that will be the first of many appointments to come.

This is what it feels like:

When I sit down, I feel a large amount of pressure in my lower spine/tailbone, and then when all my weight is down, there is a pop, that hurts like hell and then the pain is gone. (And just for the sake of someone saying maybe its my weight thatís causing the problem, Iím 5í6" and weigh 135lbsÖso its not that) If I sit down for more than 10 minutes, when I stand back up, my lower spine feels like the vertebrae are ripping apart from each other. When I sleep at night, my legs tend to tingle and if I lay on my left side, I wake up and my hip and lower back are KILLING me! I wake in tears at least once a week and if I may say so myself, I have a pretty high threshold for pain! My poor body has been through a lot!

I have been sitting on a donut cushion for more than 3 months and that has not helped. I take anti-inflammatory meds almost constantly and that has not helped. Iíve waited and waited and NOTHING is making it feel better.

Does anybody else have these weird symptoms?



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