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Posted 2008-08-24

I'm a Physician, 35 years old, female, live in Massachusetts, but my concentration and 40 + hours of work, is doing Biomedical Research. I've been dealing with severe coxxygeal pain for years. The first time, when I was around 11-12 years old. I broke my tail bone with no apparent reason, and was treated with all sorts of conventional treatments at that time, including cortisone injections by my father, who was (luckily) an Orthopedic Surgeon. I had Physical therapy, water, massage therapy, all you can think off. After 5-6 years, it somewhat heal, but the discomfort and sudden episodes of pain keep coming, but not as severe as they first appear.

About 2 years ago, all of the sudden, I started experiencing the same type of pain. It was not a surprise for me to know immediately, what it was. As many of you know, it is a very exquisite kind of pain, indistinguishable for those who have suffered previous coxxygeal pain. I knew immediately what I needed to do. After going back to another Orthopedic surgeon, as my father passed away a few years ago (I wish he would still be alive), who absolutely did not believe my pain, and attributed my pain to bone degeneration, seeing a neurologist and neurosurgeon, and a Pain Management anesthesiologist, which I underwent a couple of cortisone injections, being the last one, the most traumatic experience of my life, as instead of relieving the pain, it injured one of the nerve endings.

I stop doing the injections. They more I got then, the more I needed then, and the 'anesthesia' effect only lasted a couple of weeks. This is besides the multiple over the counter pain medication I was taking (I refused to take strong "pain killers"- as my job requires me to stay focused and mentally able to make decisions), and started Yoga classes, in conjunction with Physical-Stretching therapy.

The last 2 months, my pain have gotten much worse. There were days were all I wanted was for someone to take a knife or whatever utensil, cut my lower back and coxxygeal region, and replace it with a new one. Understand me, I got to the point, that the pain I experienced as having a natural vaginal delivery, was nothing compared to what I had, and would have 2-3 more babies without an epidural, than having this kind of pain. I've tried everything, one time I even had to manually adjust my coccyx, I have donuts everywhere, car, work, home, etc. Besides the "normal" issues, that are the norm for us sufferers, I've tried everything. Oops.. did I forget to mention, that yes, my tail bone was broken again. Since I'm the field of medicine, I've always been skeptical about Chiropractors. Why? not sure why. But this time around, I was determined to do anything, before considering the final decision to undergo surgery.

I found a Chiropractor, I will reserve his name until my final course of treatment- 6 weeks, who, believe it or not, was quite frankly honest with me. He never had a patient with this kind of coxxygeal issue. I also went to him for my lower back pain, which this time around was unbearable too. He was going to study my case, and if it was something that he could do, he will treat me, if not he will referred me to the appropriate specialist. On my second visit, he said, he can certainly work with me for the back pain, do the adjustments, etc. and see if by doing that, some of my pain will be relived. I started with the usual, 3 x per week. Sometimes the pain will dissipate, but still was there. At least I was getting some relief from the back and less pressure in the tail bone. After 1 month of treatment, this past Monday, I was ready to call it quit, I was in SOO MUCH PAIN, SO MUCH, that I even started to lose coordination of my self. So I called his office, arrange for one more adjustment, and so I did. He knew right away that It was bad. He did his routine, but this time, he put on the Laser Treatment on me (Lower Level Laser Therapy-Erchonia.Com) ; Again, I was a little skeptical when I left, but as you all know, we will try anything, as long as it at least some of the pain. Went home, took my usual Ibuprofen 800 mg, and went to bed.

Tuesday : OMG! OMG! I'm pain free ! Yes ! I'm ! For the first time in the last couple of years! I don't feel pain.. I don't ! The sensation is so different, it feels like my muscles are numb, but I have sensation, I have feelings, nothing hurts if I sit, if I move, if I do anything. Even went I went to the bathroom, nothing hurts…

Wednesday : Same! OMG! It is just so a weird feeling. I've been soo used to the pain, that I don't know how to express or describe this feeling. I seriously don't know…I'm not miserable… Had a second laser therapy in the afternoon.

Thursday : Same! Same! Some of the old soreness feeling, but I can sit, sit, sit without pain!

Friday : Here I am, writing this email to you! With a smile in my face.

Overall, the treatment course is 6 weeks, I've only had two, and as you can read, I'm not miserable. I do have a little bit, tiny bit of pain, and some usual soreness.

Now my dilemma will be ... Will this treatment cure me, I don't know, how long will I be pain free , I don't know. I don't the final outcome... but at least I can say that I try... All I know, is that I wanted to share my story will all of you. I will continue to update and keep posted my progress, as I go along this journey of being PAIN FREE for the first week of my life in almost 3 years. If you are considering alternatives, this is a good way to start. I hope you'll find someone in your area that provides this service. It doesn't hurt to try.

Good luck to all.

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