Doctor intending to remove the last joint

Brian -

Posted 2008-09-28

Hello, first thanks for reading and any advice or comments would be great. My name is Brian and I'm 43 years old, 2 years ago I fell off the back of a dirt bike on a small jump and landed on my butt on very hard ground, my pain was at the very worst I've ever had. But I thought I was strong enough to let time heal this accident, there was no blood so I didn't go to the Doctor and waited it out. It was so bad that it was hard to bend over to put shoes on and even having a bowel movement caused pain, this lasted for about 9 days then things slowly, very slowly started to get better.

After 5 months and things were not back to 100% (sitting was the main complaint, bowel movement was back to normal and the shoes were OK after the first 2 weeks). It was time for the Doctor visit. Doctor shows me the X-rays and says you definitely caused some trauma to your coccyx. The last bone is now pointing forward and upward not following the contour of the rest of the tailbone. Doctor tells me they rarely do anything for this and it will take a long time for it to feel better and sends me on my way.

I want to say that every month showed a little improvement but it finally reached a point where nothing was getting better, so call the Doctor for a referral to see a Spine specialist. Take my X-rays along talk to this guy he gives some anti-inflammatory drugs and says see how that does. This would be 13 months after the accident and you guessed it he didn't notice the bone being out of place. The drugs did nothing for me except make me feel like crap. So back to him 5 months later, this is now 18 months after injury, because we need to do something. My injury is not getting any better and I want to be able to sit without a Donut and not move around all the time. He takes his own X-rays (they looked just like the ones I brought to him before) and in the room says he is sorry he didn't notice the last joint being out of place and we should try an injection to the area. I just took it for granted that he noticed it the first time, He's the doctor, that's what he does, he should have noticed it, but maybe I should have pointed it out (my bad).

So after 2 injections 3 weeks apart and no relief (I had relief for about 3-4 hours while the local was in there and then it wore off) I switched Doctors and have been told by the new guy that he can remove that last joint and I should be better and recoup time is about 2 weeks. It has been exactly 2 years and three weeks since my injury and I just want to be able to sit and lye down without discomfort. I can stand all day and feel great until my feet or back start to hurt. Should I question him as why not remove the whole coccyx? If anyone has had this exact kind of injury where the last joint is the wrong way please give me some advice.

Thanks, Brian

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