Successful surgery in 2006


Posted 2008-08-24

In response to Audrey's story. I suffered for 2 years with coccyx pain after I was examined by a specialist (if you can call him that) for my spinal problem. During the procedure he raised my legs very fast (in a scissor action) I heard a loud crack and felt a twist in the bottom of my spine (different place to my usual pain sight). By the time I got home I knew there was a new problem. The pain was unbelievable and over the next 3 days I was unable to sit on my backside. It wasn't until I went to the gym (part of my re-ab for my spinal problem) my personal trainer noticed that my tail bone (coccyx) wasn't looking the way it should. He had his associate give her opinion and sure enough they both claimed my coccyx was broken. I had it manipulated twice a week for 9 months. I discussed this with my specialist, who fobbed it off for my spinal problem, and told me to rest!

It got that bad the pain out-did the spinal pain, I had to stop work. I suffered till I could suffer no more had an x-ray that showed the break, I then asked my specialist what he could do. (my colouring in my face was grey) the pain was so bad.

My specialist (Dr Giblin, see Doctors and specialists in Australia) finally listened to me and said he would remove my coccyx. (There is a god) I had surgery in June 2006 and I was on a plane to England for my Grand mothers 90th Birthday from Australia. 6 weeks later. It was great, I've had no pain since.

My spinal problem is another story. I had a Disc replacement to the L4-5 and a spinal fusion at L5-S1 last October 2007. I'm not at all like I used to be but compared to how I was I feel great.

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