My experience with Dr. Zail Khalsa


Posted 2008-08-17

I've been suffering from tailbone pain since December of 2006 from sledding on some hard snow in the mountains and landing right on the tailbone hard. The first year I was told by my doctor and the specialist he referred that it will heal on its own over time. I started to get frustrated after no signs of improvement after 16 months and started to take action on my own and was able to come across this website.

I live in San Diego and wanted to see one of the specialists on this website. After reading the success stories with Dr. Khalsa in Beverly Hills (see Doctors and specialists in the USA) I decided to give him a try. I was very impressed with my first visit as he told me that I haven't been able to heal naturally because my back was so out of line and tense. This was causing tension on my tailbone. After just one adjustment, I had better balance in my back and hips. My next visit he did an internal adjustment. He was able to manipulate my coccyx to move more freely. He noted that it was very stiff and not flexible. I found dramatic improvement from this procedure.

Because I live in San Diego, Dr. Khalsa was kind enough to let me visit him at his home on Sunday mornings so I wouldn't have to miss work and avoid the heavy traffic. This alone was a great benefit.

After a few weeks of adjustments, internal manipulations, and exercises, I can honestly say that I'm much better off than before meeting Dr. Khalsa. I'm optimistic that I'll be 100% percent in the near future.

If only he worked in San Diego... Thank you, Dr. Khalsa and!

John in San Diego

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