Coccyx pain and strongly reduced pain


Posted 2008-03-23

Since 8 months coccyx pain (not be able to sit with strong pain touching the coccyx and radiating pain some 15 centimeters around the coccyx) until one month ago, ever increasing. Doctors could not really help me whilst it was not broken .

Produced myself some foam pillows with scissors, cut half a circle at the back to be able to sit (very easy to do and excellent alternative for awful swimming rounds and all different orthopaedic pillows I bought).

Despite my pillow, I feared my 15 hours plain trip to Indonesia very much. Right I was, after the trip could not sit and hardly lie down, despite the extra used pillow during the flight.

In Indonesia found a doctor using Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. Her diagnosis was very new to me but very clear: A too fat liver (like many Indonesians) causing problems with flow from oxygen poor blood from rectal area back to heart and was called: rectal congestion and could easily be treated by acupuncture (as they did for many Indonesians). I doubted very much her wisdom and had never had acupuncture before in my life, but went 3 times and each time the pain reduced strongly. And now a few weeks later back home every day it becomes better, and is less than 10-20% of what I felt one month ago. I must admit that whatever the cause and whatever she did: it helped enormously.

This Indonesian doctor had a medical university degree of a Dutch University and she was amazed when I told her that I could not find any information about coccyx pain related to rectal congestion at Internet. My clear impression is that there must be a group of people in the world with the same problem like me and without adequate treatment whilst the existing Western medical knowledge is sometimes not adequate.

Good initiative your site and wish all of you strength with how to deal with such an awful pain whilst almost none can believe it how awful it is, if you have not experienced it yourself!


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