One other way - How to treat coccydynia


Posted 2008-06-01

(See earlier postings at CD-Anonymous 1 and CD-Anonymous 2)

With an Anti-inflammatory life-style (candida cleanse type of foods, deep sleep before 10 PM, tons of stretching, building muscle of the butt)

- candida cleanse type of foods

- Sleep before 10 PM - deep sleep furthers the body's cleansing and rebuilding, and especially assisting the liver (our much neglected organ) to do the heavy job of detoxifying the body. Deep sleep before 10 PM also releases Human Growth Hormone, Melatonin, and other beneficial hormones to make us younger, less aged, more energetic, lose weight faster, stronger will power next day, and less cravings. I just put myself on a 'sleep diet' to help me drive the point home.

- Tons of stretching - the coccydynia muscles tissue is involuntary tissue (it's tough to move it unless you really 'kick up your heels'). I practice on a solid mat, resting on 'all fours' and kick my heels gently up into the air as steep as I can. Try it. It's a worthwhile exercise, even for the real athletes, and it builds your butt muscles, and gets the coccyx tissue moving, and keeps it supplied with nutrients via blood flow.

- Memory foam sleeping mattress,

- doing sit-ups while sitting on yoga block foam blocks,

- using my 'relax the back', 'ergo-rite' coccyx saver cushion,

- Sitting across two chairs where possible,

- using a lap-top computer to work standing up and shifting to my regular desk when I get tired of standing (make sure you walk around and stretch and lift your legs up to hip-height to prevent blood from pooling in your legs and forming crystal deposits in your feet, or get plantar fasciitis).

One important caution: don't ever sit prolonged time on your heals without a thick cushion between your butt and your heels, or you may stretch your .... ligament, in the knee (forgot the name). I did it the wrong way and learned the hard way and it cost a lot of time and money for treatments.

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