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Posted 2008-03-30

I injured my tailbone a year ago when I squatted down to tie my daughter's shoe. I was unaware of a low brick wall behind me. The impact displaced the coccyx to one side and also strained the ligaments to such a degree that when I sit the last two bones of the coccyx displace forward. My pain is mostly when I sit and when I rise from a sitting position.

Dr. Sussman (Nevada, see Doctors and specialists in the USA) was very helpful to me by phone before I ever traveled to see him. He helped me find a local practitioner. Dr. Sussman suggested having standing & seated x-rays, which proved to be very helpful in understanding my situation. After reading this website and talking with my doctor, it was agreed that having an internal manipulation was worth a try even though the forward displacement is not very 'fixable' since ligaments are damaged.

Dr. Sussman was very accommodating to me when I traveled to see him. I was impressed with his knowledge, experience, professional and friendly manner. He did a very complete assessment and history and educated me on many exercises to help. The internal manipulation was helpful in removing at least 30% of the pain (he adjusted the lateral displacement). I am hopeful that the exercises and time gain me more relief.

I recommend Dr. Sussman for his many qualities and skill. I am very thankful that I traveled to see him.

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