People tried to talk me out of this op

Michelle Wild -

Posted 2008-02-03

I first injured coccyx aged 10-12 when I fell over on some roller skates landing on concrete path ! I recall screaming down a local A+E dept and having 2 weeks off school sat on a cushion in bed more bother UNTIL 2 years ago when I fell down 3 stairs at home (only 3 !!) hitting each step on my bum I screamed out in pain and then followed very painful weeks which led me to see my GP who was very unsympathetic touched the spot which left me on the ceiling and then give me a prescription and said nothing would be done about it so live with it !!

I am a orthopaedic nurse and eventually was so troubled by this awful pain that I spoke to one of the spinal surgical team at the hospital where I work he very kindly offered to inject the area with steroid which was done and this gave me 7-8 months of total pain relief I had just forgotten about it when the pain returned!!

Another steroid injection was given with only short term relief. A couple of months later I underwent a MUA and steroid injection in theatre this lasted approx 6 months which was wonderful gradually pain back and I was back sitting on my left buttock and dreading things such as sitting at cinema or going to hairdressers any where were I had to SIT. I had a 2nd MUA and injection with only short term relief and so as symptoms returned I knew I was at the end of the line with conservative treatment and in pain and desperate.

I was put on waiting list for coccyxgectomy which I underwent on 18 January 2008 again by the wonderful surgeon who has been so understanding all along (Mr Bhattia, University hospital of North Tees and Hartlepool, County Durham, see Doctors and specialists in the UK). It's just over a week and I feel fantastic!!!! Colleagues had tried to talk me out of this op but no one knows what chronic pain is like, people had warned me it was awful for weeks but I really am doing well and that PAIN has gone. Yes its sore and its difficult keeping a wound in that area clean to avoid infection but being a nurse I am being very careful with this.

Stitches are due out in 4 days and I am able to sit for longer periods every day (hence being able to sit and type this e mail). I am walking all over as I don't want to drive still stitches out, I really am delighted and hope to be back to work 3 weeks after op.

So as long as you get a sympathetic surgeon and have tried other treatments then if surgery is offered go for it .......and good luck....

Michelle Wild, Middlesbrough, UK

Update, 2008-03-23

Hello. I am now 2 months post coccygectomy and am doing FANTASTIC totally pain free and almost struggle to believe how much pain and suffering I experienced pre op.

Back to work after 3 and half weeks, sitting, long periods driving, etc. Did continue with anti inflammatories for an extra week or two on and off, but none for last 3 weeks.

Going on a 9 hour flight in May and don't anticipate any problems being seated for this long.

Please feel free to e mail me ......

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