Self-manipulation made the pain worse


Posted 2008-06-29

Dear Jon Miles, thanks for everything you have done to inform others. The information is the best gift to give to someone.

I have fallen. I had so much pain when I fell, it lasts few seconds and then it started to calm done, then I didn't have almost any pain, just had some feeling. I saw your website and liked it very much. It has given me much valuable information. The orthopedic doctor gave me some advise and a pill, but I didn't understand why because he didn't explain much to me, so I was not very eager to follow his instructions. Now from what I read in your website which is explaining and describing patiently and passionately with many details, much better than the doctor did, and because your site is so comprehensive, I learned the reason of the doctor's advises like: why I should rest enough and wait till the tailbone heals, try not to sit and use the coccyx cushion and take the pills "Indomethacin" prescribed by the doctor.

But I made a big mistake. I shouldn't have tried what Brenda said about the external manual treatment. It made serious problems for me. Every one has a different condition. Brenda has said that it is worth to try, but I would like to say that, not only it's not worth to try, but also, it's very dangerous to try. I first tried what Brenda said, I got more pain, and then tried what Lee said and it got worse. Before doing these, I didn't have any pain, even when I would sit, but I have pain after doing these. What I did just put much more pressure on it and I think I made it unstable. I think I've Made it more crooked and I wished I had never tried it. I have pain now, even when I'm lying down on my stomach and do nothing.

There is warning that you have explained about an specialist doing the external manual treatment on you which made your condition much worth and then you gave advise that if we want to ask some one to do it, they must be experienced enough and know very well about what they are doing. I'm even not a specialist, why should I every tried to do it. I'm very regretful. I'd just like to tell people who read this site, that, please don't try to do it yourselves, please don't do it. Ask an specialist to do it for you and in the right time, and not only every specialist, a very good one. When sitting on it is so bad, definitely pressing on it so hard and for a long time, the way is described in Brenda or Lee's statements, is not good, unless an "expert" professional does it in an exactly correct way, otherwise, it will cause a serious damage. The specialist doctor must do it, after he/she decides that's the right thing to do, and how should it be done, considering the condition.

It's the orthopedic doctors' job to check the patients' condition and it's their job to do such things the right way, suitable for the patient's condition. Off course there are some good doctors and some not very good ones. But you shouldn't do it yourself, and I wished I had never done it. Causing more irritation for coccyx is very wrong.

Update by Jon Miles, 2008-08-17:

Brenda writes that she has had many emails from happy people who have tried self-manipulation successfully. She was concerned to read Anonymous's experience here. Brenda suggests that the reason is that Anonymous pushed on the coccyx, instead of pulling. It is essential to pull the coccyx backwards.

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