Self-manipulation for coccyx pain


Posted 2006-11-26

I am a 47 year old physician and have never had any type of back pain or injury. This weekend as I was sitting and watching TV, my tailbone area began to feel a little achey. No matter the position, I couldn't make it feel better. As the next few hours rolled by the pain got worse and I was having difficulty getting up and down from a sitting position. By the next day the pain was so bad when I moved I had to lie in my side only and try not to move. Getting up from sitting required very slow movements and help from a friend. I felt like I would be living like this forever and couldn't imagine any relief.

I got online to find out what this was and came across this site. After reading about the external manipulation treatments, I tried to do it myself, but couldn't feel the tip of my coccyx. The whole area just hurt to touch even lightly. Finally, I was so miserable, I thought I might try internal manipulation. Now I wasn't so happy about how I would accomplish that but I was determined to try. It sounds gross, but when you are in that much pain...

I sat on the toilet and leaned forward. I used a lubricant to lube the area well and then inserted my index finger slowly inside. I inserted to the second knuckle. The discomfort was very slight, I relaxed as much as possible and lifted my finger straight up my spine toward the back of my head, breathing and relaxing. I held that position for 10 seconds and slowly sat upright while still maintaining pressure upward. There was no pain. I removed my finger. When I stood, the pain I was feeling was about a 3, it was a 9 before the manipulation. That night it still was tender to the touch and when I moved, but much less than half of what it had been the previous three days. The next morning there was still some residual pain, so I did the same manuver. As the day wore on, I worked and was getting up and down all day, but the pain kept getting better. The next morning when I woke, the pain was gone completely! It is as if it were all just a very bad dream.

If you can't try this yourself, I would seek a doctor familiar with this treatment and go was a god-send.

Note from Jon Miles: Three other patients reported that they had tried internal manipulation on themselves, Diane and Beth, who found it successful, and one other who reported that it reduced the pain but afterwards they had problems with bowel gas.

See also Manual treatments for coccyx pain and Brenda's experience of external manipulation.

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