Internal manipulation of the coccyx by yourself

Andre, UK

Posted 2020-04-19

A few years ago I suffered an injury to the coccyx. I was playing football and fell from height right onto my tailbone. Immediate excruciating pain began which subsided and I was able to finish the rest of the match with discomfort. The next morning I had so much pain it took me 45 mins to inch my way out of bed. I had a parent drive me to the hospital which was a waste of time as they said they could not help me.

I took painkillers to manage the pain but was unable to sit down. Over time the pain decreased to 8 from a 10 but still massively affected my life. A popping sound would occur with every breath and I could kind of feel it moving minimally.

So I went to a physiotherapist but my experience was not helpful. I was seen by a very young man who just hooked some deep massaging piece of equipment on the area for 30 mins and left me to it.

I looked online for a solution and found a method for self internal manipulation (See Lee's personal experience) which cured me. The method as I remember it was simple to follow:

Sit on the toilet and apply some lubricant with a clean or gloved hand. Lean forward so your head is near your knees and insert finger into anus and push the finger with a little force upwards towards the ceiling. Then while keeping the finger in place sit up straight.

When I followed this I heard a nice big crack when I sat up straight and immediate relief.

Has been a number of years and I am fully cured. This is a true account of my personal experience and not medical advice of course.

Note from Jon Miles:This type of manipulation - pulling the coccyx backwards - is likely to be successful only if the coccyx is dislocated forwards, not if it is dislocated backwards. It is important to do the adjustment gently. If you decide to try this, it is at your own risk.

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