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John T. -

Posted 2008-10-26

Hello, I am writing this email to give you the name of a great doctor that has helped me out with my tailbone pain. In Jan. of this year, I started to get really bad pain in my tailbone. At first it felt only uncomfortable, kind of like it was really swollen. I described it as heavy pressure pushing down on me or sitting on a ball. Then after a month or so , it turned from pressure to pain. It felt like a really really bad bruise. The only thing is I did not fall or anything for there to be pain.

I had all tests done (colonscopy, MRI, x-rays, etc.) and all came back normal. The pain I was feeling felt like if you leaned back on your elbow on concrete and kept it there for a long period of time. This is the type of pain I felt in my tailbone. I went to several doctor's and nobody could help me. They kind of looked at me like I was crazy. Then I found Dr. Foye online (see doctors and specialists in the USA). Dr. Foye's office is located at 90 Bergen St., in Newark, NJ. Dr. Foye's staff was friendly and for once they actually listened to my complaints instead of just brushing them off. Dr. Foye requested X-rays where I was sitting down and standing all which were done that day on location.

Dr. Foye then recommended I try an injection near the tailbone which was done under while using an X-ray type machine as to give the injection in an accurate manner. A couple days after the procedure I was in pain just as usual. Then somewhere after about a week and a half. The pain disappeared. Before seeing Dr. Foye my pain was an 8 on a scale of 1-10. I can honestly say my pain is a 1 and most of the time its a zero.

Finding Dr. Foye for tailbone pain was the best thing I did. I recommend anyone who is suffering from any kind of tailbone pain to see Dr. Foye at least once. Dr. Foye was able to give me answers and solutions instead of just telling me that the tailbone can be surgically removed like other doctors stated. Thank you for your time..

John T.

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