Ice skating injury

Shelley -

Posted 2008-03-03


I went ice skating for the second time in September last year. I was really enjoying it then suddenly my feet went from under me and I went down. Smack bang on my bum. An immense feeling of pain, trying to wiggle my bum to avoid any more but it just got worse. Struggled up and hugged onto the side. I lost my hearing and my sight, went all dizzy, felt as if I was going to be sick and quite simply I felt 'out of it'.

In all my pain and struggling back to the other side of the ice no first aider or staff member noticed. I went to the toilet cos I thought I was going to be sick, got half way down and burst into tears. It was soooo painful, never felt pain like it. Journey home wasn't much fun, bumpy, windy roads and a lowered sports car. Ouch.

Doctor diagnosed it as a fractured coccyx the next day, I could hardly move. She prescribed pain killers. Which I ended up not bothering with cos they weren't touching the pain.

Months on today and it still hurts. If I sit too long I get pain, if I stand too long I get pain. Its horrible, just wish I never went ice skating now cos its something I will have to live with for the rest of my life! My advice to anyone, don't go ice skating.



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