Headed to a surgeon for coccygectomy

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Posted 2008-06-29


My name is Debbie and I was thrilled to find this web site and especially thrilled to find the personal experience page. People really do know what I'm going through. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your stories.

My story begins when I was in the 6th grade. I fell on cement on my t-bone. My family didn't do doctors and the pain went away. In 1975 I was in a car accident and came down on my tailbone. We went to emergency but my t-bone wasn't that bad right then so it wasn't checked out. Within days it was bad. For a whole year it felt like daggers were stabbing up either side of it depending on how I moved. I had a baby after that year and after he was born the Dr said he wasn't sure I could deliver vaginally because of the shape of the tailbone. But I was fine and it didn't bother me. Had 4 more kids and was ok. After the 5th baby I fell in a store trying to get slushy carts apart. You guessed it...right on the t-bone. Still didn't get it checked out as my family didn't do doctors. It gradually quit aching after about a month. However, it always bothered me to lay on it even in bed but otherwise I functioned normally.

I had always had some back issues but in the spring of 2007 my low back began bothering me. I tried some acupuncture and massage and both helped but within 2 months my tailbone began to ache. I tried acupuncture on that to no avail and started Ibuprofen. By mid August I started on Vicodin as I couldn't stand sitting to work. By September I could only work partial days and would stand a lot and lay down on my stomach on the floor for breaks. By the end of September I was up to 8 Vicodin a day, still in extreme pain and could no longer work.

By October I was bedridden. I tried prolotherapy which helped a lot, then added aqua therapy. By February 2008 I thought I was on a good slow road to recovery. However, the March and April treatments didn't help and I was feeling like I was regressing. As time went by I was increasing in pain areas. I had sciatica down my left leg into my 3 middle toes and left hip pain. As the sciatica improved I started having pain in both bum cheeks, then the right hip and the back of both thighs. The MRI shows that I have a herniated disc at L2-L3 but 3 doctors said that could not be causing any of the other pain.

In May I started with a physiologist who immediately took standing and sitting x-rays. I was thrilled as I had read about them but couldn't find anyone to do them. He said my t-bone is hyper-mobile. He then administered an epidural injection in the tailbone joint. It didn't help though had tingling and other sensations. He then did one in the L5 area of the back. The only thing I have noticed is more mobility without pain but now have constipation. I last saw him on June 13 when he said he couldn't help me and that I was probably looking at a coccyxgectomy. I have an appointment on June 24 with a Dr. David Beeks in Ohio whom I must see because of my insurance. However, I don't know a thing about him and haven't been able to find anything, Please email me if you know anything about him.

I think I need to have the surgery because the pain is still very high. I can't sit for more than 20 minutes on a wheel chair cushion and I don't go anywhere except appointments as I must lie down to ride. I want my life back.

Please email me with any suggestions or information.

Debbie, Fellow Tailbone Sufferer

Update, 2008-07-02

I saw Dr. David Beeks last week. He's not convinced I need a cossygectomy. He's concerned about all the other pain I have. My sitter bones hurt, the back of my thighs hurt, my left hip hurts and sometimes my right hip hurts, and my lower back. My three middle toes on my left foot also go numb. I have improved from the epidural injections so I fear that he doesn't realize how bad my tailbone is. I truly believe that it is the main source of my pain. I didn't have any of the other pain until it gave me fits. I was very frustrated when I left his office but upon thinking about it I am glad he is being cautious. I had a bone scan done and a complete blood panel (which no other doc has done). I go back July 8 for discussion.

Dr. Beeks works in Defiance and Toledo, OH. If anyone has heard of him, please email me and tell me what you know.

Thanks again for this web site!


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