Pain cured with manipulation

Caroline Richards

Posted 2008-05-18

I had suffered bad coccyx pain from the age of around 21 for about five years (which I believe may be due to riding my bike a lot at university) but the NHS seemed to have no clue as to how to tackle my problem I even had physiotherapy that made the problem worse! I finally tracked down Dr Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic last year (see Doctors and specialists in the UK).

I only wish I'd found him sooner - after such a long time of finding sitting down too painful and basically being let down repeatedly by the NHS (who said that they couldn't x-ray my coccyx - which is complete nonsense!), Dr Durtnall did the x-rays and pointed out a clear dislocation. I couldn't believe my eyes. No wonder it was so painful to sit down! He was very helpful and talked me through the x-ray and what he could do to help. He then did a manual procedure to effectively snap my coccyx back into place. It wasn't half as bad (or embarrassing!) as I first thought it would be!

Dr Durtnall showed me some exercises that I could practice at home to improve it still further, as well as posture techniques. I noticed the improvement practically the next day, and my coccyx continued to improve over the next months. I went back a few more times, had some ultrasound therapy, more manual therapy and some acupuncture (again, not as bad as I thought it would be), and my coccyx has continued to improve.

I'd say the treatment reduced the pain by at least 70% after the first session, possibly more, and it continued to improve over time, as did my general mood! Now, I'm feeling much happier to be almost entirely free of pain. Sure, there are some days when it's a bit sore, but still more days when I feel nothing. This is so unlike before when I was in bad pain every single day, within minutes of sitting anywhere.

However, it's starting to flare up a bit again, possibly because I haven't been to see Dr Durtnall since before Christmas last year, and it may be time for another check up. Also, I went on a business trip recently without my coccyx cushion which involved a lot of sitting down (four hour coach journey etc) - I have to say, it was pretty sore by the end of that.

Anyway, my advice right now is to see Dr Durtnall - you really won't regret it, I only wish I'd found him sooner. The sooner you get treatment, the better the prognosis (kind of obvious really). I'll report again later in the year to let you know how I'm doing!

Caroline Richards

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