Gym machine helped

Leonardo Morales -

Posted 2008-03-09

My name is Leonardo Morales and I live in Costa Rica. I am a 59 years old chemical engineer working from an office, which means I have to sit almost all day.

Coccygodynia hit me out of the blue 5 years ago. I searched the web at that time and the info found helped me a great deal, particularly the articles written by Dr. J-Y. Maigne. The local doctors weren't able to do much, because they essentially did not know much. I had to work 5 to 5 hours standing up, and to endure it, I bought a mattress and brought it to the office, and I needed to close the door, ask the secretary no to disturb, while I lied down for about 15 to 20 minutes, one time during the morning, one time during the afternoon. Luckily I am self-employed so I could do it.

Taking advantage of a trip to Spain I jumped over to Paris to see Dr. Maigne, who's a very sound professional and who examined me thoroughly, X-rays revealing a mobility excess of the 3 last pieces of a 4-piece coccyx. I won't bother you with the details but the outcome was surgery to remove the mobile portion of the coccyx. This needed to be done outside of Costa Rica as I trusted no surgeon to perform it here, simply because they were not seen this condition often enough. Surgery abroad was something I could afford but how about recovery while I was able to travel. I then just sat on the problem, standing up for half a session in the movies, etc..

I have been a Gym goer for as much as 7 years now, and one and a half year ago I found a machine called "Wave" in the gym. It's like the elliptic but instead of your feet traveling in an elliptical pattern in the vertical plane, it does pretty much the same in the horizontal plane. The machine has a label indicating that it exercised the muscles of the upper legs, the buttocks, and the belly. I said to myself: this ought to be good to me. After a few months of exercising 3 times over week, the pain went away. Could it be the machine?

Then I had to go on a long trip abroad. Before I went I was absent from the gym for a couple of weeks, and after I came back to the usual pile of paperwork, I missed the gym for about a month. I must of have missed it for about 10 weeks overall.

The pain reappeared! Then I said if I overcame once I can do it again. I started exercising again and it went away again... up to now. Perhaps this machine can do a miracle for you out there.

All the best.

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