The eighth doctor finally gave me hope


Posted 2008-05-11

Hi Dear Friends, I found this wonderful site a few months ago. I cried because until now, I thought that I was alone in this nightmare. I write this story to hopefully help someone who is in pain. My name is Donna and I am 52 years old. I live in Virginia. This is my journey, crossing the paths of 8 doctors and 2 physical therapy runs, and every test known to man.

August 2006- I found myself with a week of being alone, husband at work and son out of the state on a vacation. I had a store on Ebay and I used this week to add items to my store. I sat that week, most of the day, typing with my feet up and probably with bad posture in a hard desk chair.

During the week I started feeling tingling in my left leg and my buttocks started going numb and started to tingle. At the end of the week my husband and started on an 8 hour drive on our vacation. Just one hour into the trip I started squirming, my butt hurt so bad and has not stopped since! I spent the vacation lying on my left or right side and my nightmare started.

I thought that I had a pulled muscle and given time, it would go away. Things got much worse over the months and finally in April 2007, I made my first appointment with my family doctor. I was sent for tests, MRI, CT Scan, nerve test for my left leg, etc. The tests came back ok. I was sent to a physiotherapist. He sent me to PT for 2 weeks, and put me on Neurontin 300 mg. PT could find nothing wrong with me. I went back to the physiotherapist and I told him that I could not take Neurontin. It made me crazy, depressed and unable to hold a normal conversation. He laughed at me and he said, 90 year old women take more that you do. He handed me a RX for 600 mg and walked out of the room. Doubled the dose!! That was the last time that I saw him.

I bought my own Tens Unit, it helped me manage a little of the pain. My insurance would not cover it. The unit cost $500.00.

I went back to another doctor in my primary physician group. She said that I needed to see a Neurosurgeon. She said that her nurse would call me with an appointment. I called after a week and asked where is my appointment? I was told that I would be called when they had one for me. Now I got mad and decided to wait her out and see how long it would take for the office to call me. A total of 6 weeks passed and no phone call. I went into the office and demanded my records. My chart was found on the doctor's desk! It had never been looked at since my visit there.

I made my own appointment with a Neurosurgeon, it took 4 weeks to see him. He said that my spine was ok, for a woman my age, and he sent me for a CT Scan of the pelvis. A large ovarian tumor was found, not cancer thank the Lord. I was sent to a surgeon. The tumor was pressed against my rectum and I had been sitting on it. I just knew that this was the reason that I could not sit. A few days after the surgery, I realized that the tumor was not the problem after all.

I was sent to another physiotherapist (#2). He came in and looked at my chart and told me there were no other tests to run on me and handed me a RX for another muscle relaxer. I never went back to him.

I visited an Internist for a few visits. His answer was of course, more pills. I stopped seeing him.

I went to another city, an hour away, painful ride I must say. I saw physiotherapist #3. This was doctor #8. He listened to me and gave me hope!! He sent me to Pt again but this time the therapist knew what he was doing. I have "pelvic floor dysfunction with coccyx and sacral pain.". Finally a name to this nightmare. In just a few minutes the therapist examined my pelvis. My right pelvis bone, in the front, was higher than the left. My left sacrum was tilted out of alignment. This had pulled muscles and nerves and this was what was causing my pain.

It took a whole year to find this out! I go to PT 2 days a week. Each time my pelvis has to be realigned and muscle spasms have to be massaged out. I exercise at the facility and at home. I just started traction and that is helping with pinched nerves. After about 7 visits, the pain is easing. My rectum is starting to stop burning and cramping. I still hurt and can't sit, but with each passing day I am feeling better. My therapist says it will take a long time to correct the damage. From Aug. 2006 until April 2008 , my body has suffered a lot damage.

I now have hope. I must say that a few months ago I was planning on leaving this world. I could not take it any longer. God and my 2 sons gave me the reason to live.

Please my friends, do not give up. Physical therapy and my "new best friend Russ" my therapist, has given be hope to live. Until I found the answer to my pain, I read every story from this site. I knew that I was not crazy and I was not the only one.

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