Coccyx at 45 degree angle to sacrum - I'm cured!

Marloes from the Netherlands -

Posted 2008-03-09

Hello everyone,

Last year I had a little accident. My four-year old daughter pulled away my chair as I wanted to sit down... You can guess what happened. Pain, pain, pain! At first I couldn't move at all because of the pain. And I don't have to tell any of you what kind of pain it was. In the months that followed I got a little better, but sitting was still a problem.

Many of you will understand how hard that is in a family with 2 children (4 & 9). A mum is always busy. So after about 5 months I went back to my doctor, and ended up in the hospital with another doctor. X-rays showed that my coccyx was at a 45 degree angle of my sacrum.

This doctor gave me an injection with steroids to try to release me from pain. Wish he had never done it, cause it didn't help at all. The first week the pain was worse, but eventually it was back to the same 'level' as before the injection.

After 6 weeks I had to come back with this doctor and he suggested an operation to remove the total coccyx. It's rarely done here in Holland, but he was willing to do it. He had high hopes it could cure me, but couldn't promise me. That was a risk I was willing to take, because I didn't want to go on like this, if there was any possibility to get rid of this horrible pain!

So 2 weeks ago I had surgery. It was painful, but very slowly I make (very) little progress every day. I still cannot sit at all but my doctor thinks I will be okay in about 6 weeks. Now I stand a lot, and I'm typing this sitting on my knees. Sitting and driving without pain seems like heaven to me! And working without pain too (I'm a nurse). If the doctor is right I have suffered this pain for (only) 1 year, and in the stories of other people I read they suffered for many years! My deepest sympathy for all of them, for I know what they are going through!

Only two days ago I found this website. I read the information and the other stories was so happy to find out that there are other people who understand my problem and know what I'm feeling! It's not that the people around me don't take me seriously, they do, but it's difficult sometimes to explain it. Some people can't understand why I still have pain after months, why I'm not cured by now.

I read on this site so many things that can make our everyday lives more easy! I'm glad I found this site and wish all the other people lots of luck, and I hope one day you will be cured!!

Thank you for reading my story.

Update, 2008-05-18

Hi Everybody!

I had surgery on February 21st, and the first few weeks after that I wondered if I had done anything wrong because I was in such terrible pain! I couldn't even roll over in bed, every movement hurt. I asked my doctor, but he said this was normal and that it would take time.

Now it is almost 3 months later and I may say that I'm cured for 99 %!!! I can sit (without a pillow), I can drive, I can work (I'm a nurse), I can even ride my bike! I'm so so so happy to be back to a 'normal life' without pain.

So, for everybody who is still in doubt if they should have surgery or not: it's takes a lot of pain, but there is hope you might be CURED!!! Now that everything is over for me, I'm glad I decided to have surgery.

My doctor (in the Netherlands) was Dr Ogink, orthopaed in 'Franciscus ziekenhuis' in Roosendaal (but apparently he no longer does this operation).

All the best for all of you, and if you wish to react, write to me on

Marloes from the Netherlands

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