Tailbone sticks out and back pain

Jackie - jackie.kittleson@hotmail.com

Posted 2008-05-25

Hi I'm Jackie, and ill try to be as short as possible. Well I don't even know where to begin, because I don't know how my tailbone got to stick out this way. I think it might be when I was 8 or 9 and me and my sister were having fun and she picked me up and she threw me in the shallow part of the swimming pool and I hit the bottom tailbone first then head. So of course I was crying and I couldn't walk right for a while and there was blood coming out of my head, and in lots of painand so on (my mom wasn't around) so enough about that.

Now I'm 19 and experiencing pain in my upper back, and it pops every 5 minutes. And causes headaches. Since I can remember my tailbone has always stuck out! (that's why I don't know what really happened) literally. You can see it when I wear jeans, when I walk by, and when I bend over. I just kind of dealt with it in my own way, by sitting awkwardly. I have never been able to lay on my back or tan, or lay on a bench when I work out. That is when people started to realize when something was wrong at school in weight class, because I couldn't do a lot of things like sit ups also. And you can hear a thump, crack, or pop noise when I did sit ups.

So I'm a girl who kind of just dealt with it. I went to a doctor my freshman year of high school (no specialist in this sort, or anything) and he just said I'll grow into it. And that was that. So I just dealt with it. I can't sit in long periods of time, like maybe an hour tops to sit on my tailbone before the huge pounding pain on my tailbone starts to come.

So now I am 19 and experiencing really bad pain in my upper back that don't go away unless I get really pilled out. Not just one or two of a really good pain killer helps. And just like some others on this website who don't want to get addicted just like me. And it feels like that's what it going to come down to. I just want it to go away.

Now at 19 I have been to doctors, that say they don't know, and it frustrates me. I never told any of the doctors about my tailbone. I just told them about my back and headaches. So they told me I have tension headaches or migraine headaches, but I don't think headaches can cause my back to pop. Its like my spine crushing against another vertebrae and that's what causes the headaches. But what do I know?

So I started to think about what all connects to my back, and I thought of my tailbone problem that I have to deal with everyday. Then I thought maybe its from sitting and bad posture and how I have to sit differently than everyoneelse for so long, but what do I know? Right?So I'm asking anyone on this website to please feel free to email me when you have time if you know anything or any doctor in the state of Missouri or close to Missouri that can also help- it would be great!

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