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Posted 2008-01-20

I have had tailbone pain for 8 years, 6 years Non-Stop. I broke my tailbone as a teenager (porch swing broke). After that, my tailbone did not bother me for several years, then only during my 2 pregnancies from 6 months until delivery. When I hit my 40's, I really started exercising, riding bikes, walking... then my tailbone would bother me when I sat. At first it was just sitting, then after a couple of years... it hurt all the time.

I have seen numerous Doctors over the past 6 years, having "everything" done that one can do.... to "get relief". Probably the MOST painful experience was the 2 times I had my tailbone injected! I CANNOT describe the excruciating pain I suffered for 3 weeks following this procedure! But when you are in pain & desperate you will try about anything!

Last year in 2007 my pain level elevated to the point I allowed an Orthopedic to try and reposition my tailbone. I demanded I be put under for this! I had a little less pain for about 1 week.

A couple of the doctors over the years had suggested that I have my tailbone removed! The problem with that... was finding a surgeon that was experienced!!! I searched between Austin & San Antonio Texas... and I mean... I spent a fortune on doctors bills, injections, physical therapy, cortisone injections, neuromuscular massages, chiro's, etc... NOTHING has helped!

2 weeks ago I went to a doctor in Dallas that has been removing tailbones for 20 years. He has a great deal of experience with this procedure. He knew in talking to him..... so many of the symptoms that I am suffering ie.. Not being able to Sit, Spastic Colon, Periformis Compartment, Bursitis of the Left & Right Hip, Pain when going to the Restroom, Pain when having relations with my husband, Just Unrelenting.... Constant Pain. It ranges from 10-11!

Today is Sunday, Jan 13th and I am scheduled to have my tailbone removed on Wed. I am sure it is not fun... but the past 6 years have been a "LIVING HELL". I am ready to get this done & over with! I have resolved all the issues that one faces prior to surgery and resigning yourself that you have done EVERYTHING possible to improve your pain! I will keep you posted on my success!


Update, 2008-01-27

It has been 1 WEEK since surgery and I am surprised how WELL I am doing! I actually knew within a few hours after surgery (when I was fully awake), that I was better! I am taking way less pain meds than I needed PRIOR to surgery to stay on top of the pain!

I can say from experience the pain AFTER surgery is MUCH less than the pain I was in before, 24/7 for many many years! Yep, the bum is a bit sore... But (no pun intended =:0) MUCH LESS PAIN NOW than Prior to surgery!!!!

I was open to the suggestion of surgery over 6 years ago... just had a difficult time finding a Dr. that was willing to AND. .. that HAD experience! Dr. Gill (from Dallas, Texas [but see note below]) did my surgery & has done over 200 over 20 years! I WANTED a Dr. that was over qualified!

I don't think people understand the pain, frustration & desperation... unless they have walked this path!!!

Or Doctors for that matter! I have been given sooooo many diagnosis, meds, etc... searching desperately to pinpoint the pain & find a good Dr. that was willing to stick with me & not refer me to another Dr. I knew something was wrong, but the picture began to get clouded over the years! I went from just the tailbone area hurting to EVERYTHING between my knees & waist hurting!!!!

I realize NOW, that MOST of my hip (bursitis), lower back pain, and spastic colon was caused from my broken tailbone. These issues are "Daily" resolving since surgery!!! (remember it has only been 1 week)

I dealt with too MANY incompetent Medical Personnel along the way, but I believe half of the "battle" is doing your homework & educating yourself so you are NOT so fearful!

Sometimes we have to reach the point.... that leap of faith, that ANY change is better than where we are!

I am looking forward to some kind of "normal" life now!

Gettin' Better Every Day!!!!


Update, 2008-02-10

Surgical UPDATE.... POST-OP 3 Weeks. Tomorrow will actually be 3 weeks since surgery... I am very relieved to have the surgery behind me!

I had agonized over it for so long.... it had become a "dreaded obsession"! I feel so much better than Pre-Op. I have not taken pain meds for the last week. The first 2 weeks I only took a fraction of what the Dr. had prescribed... NOT because of fear of meds, but I simply didn't need them! I felt 80 percent better after the first couple of days. The first 2 days after surgery... I truly did feel better. The pain was NOT exactly at the end of the tailbone area, just mostly at the incision site, but definitely improved from when I walked into the hospital for surgery!

Immediately after waking from surgery, I could tell I was better! The radiating pain down my legs & buttocks was less & the sharp, stabbing, continual pain directly at the base of my tailbone was gone! Also, I have not had ANY more problems with spastic colon!!!! Thank GOD!!!! (Dr. told us after surgery, that my tailbone was pressing against my colon).

I am now able to sit on one cheek or the other, but not directly flat on my bottom just yet...

I had a little pain trying to bend down the first couple of weeks and standing for very long put a good deal of pressure on the incision site that was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful!

My Dr. used dissolvable sutures and body glue. The glue started peeling off last week, so I just got to take my first "BUBBLE BATH" yesterday! WOW was it great!!!

I am feeling better every day! I must confess that I feel FOOLISH for being so afraid of the surgery! I really did quit having ANY quality of life for over 3 years! Constant pain messes with your head too...

Anyway that is my update for those that have considered surgery as your Last option!

If any of you have ANY questions, I will gladly write back to you (I lost a couple of e-mails accidentally)!!!

Good Luck to those of you suffering.... and God Bless!


Note from Jon Miles:

Dr Gill was recommended by several patients, so I listed him on this site.

However, other patients complained about his manner. Also one patient of his told me that he said he objected to being on the internet, and had tried to get himself removed. (He had never contacted me about being removed.)

So it appears that he is a skilled surgeon, but with a poor bedside manner. Anyway, since he said he didn't want to be on the internet, I took him off the list.

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