Doctor in Dayton, Ohio area?

Rachel -

Posted 2008-03-16

My name is Rachel, I am a 31 year old mother of four who lives in extreme pain everyday. In Oct of 2006 I was in an auto accident walked away fine, but woke up in severe pain that night. I was stuck in bed and had to be carried to the car to head to the ER. Got the X-ray, pain killers and muscle relaxers and sent home. Went to family Dr who sent me to have MRI, the results Osteoarthritis in tailbone. Still in extreme pain I was sent to pain management. Fast forward 6 months later, I WAS HEALED!!!! Not for long though! A few months went by and I lost my insurance so I just stopped going to Dr. Since then I am in pain daily!

I started PT yesterday again, and it is causing more pain. I also met with a new Dr hoping that he would have some answers for me, he did a test and I have a "slight pinched nerve" put me on steroids, nsaids, ultram & muscle relaxers. So far no help, only with sore muscles.

Today, I have called a chiropractor and Psychologist. I am also starting a journal because I want this Dr to understand what pain in am in. I am tired of being looked at like I am stupid or just searching for pain meds. I have lived like this for years and after reading some of these stories, I am scared that it will continue on for the rest of my life.

I realize that I may have a pinched nerve, but I cannot see how that is causing all of the pain in the tailbone area, and I am really getting frustrated with Dr.'s it seems like the only ones that have compassion are those in the ER, they take the time to ask questions, do test and "pretend to be interested" in what the real problem may be, not just here are some meds go home take them and deal with it..

If anyone knows a good Dr in the Dayton Ohio area, please email me. I need someone who has at least a little knowledge of what is going on.

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