Bar stool collapsed

Crystal Wright -

Posted 2008-01-27

Let me say this before I say anything else, I am so Glad that I happened upon this website. . . . . I found people like me!!!!

In early March 2006 I was sitting on a Bar Stool in my kitchen when all of a sudden the stool broke and I fell straight down full speed on my ceramic floor. I laid in that floored and I boo hooed. . . I have never in my 40 years been in that much pain and I have 3 kids.

Eventually my husband made it down stairs to check out the clatter and found me in tears on the floor. . He let the back seats down in the SUV (They come in handy. . Man!) Loaded me in to take me to the Hospital. They took regular x-rays as we all know don't show anything. . . . I kept telling the Doctors My tailbone is Broke. . I know it. . . . They of course kept telling me I hurt my back and I kept saying no it's my tailbone. . . The Doctor told me that was part of my back. . all I know is where he was pointing and where I was pointing is in 2 different places.

They drugged me up and sent me home with muscle relaxers. I've never taken any of the meds they sent me home with because I don't take drugs unless it's absolutely necessary.

It's been almost 1 year and I still can't sit down, stand up for long or sometimes it just aches more than normal. . I've lived with this so long that pain is now normal to me. I went back to the Doctor to have them look again and they keep telling me there's nothing wrong just ice my back.

I now have pain that shoot down the sides of my buttocks and thighs. . I can hear a clicking sound after stretching several times a day. . It either clicks or pops. One of these Doctors on your list is going to Help me because I'm getting ready to track them down until I get the one who's a match for me. Thank You again for setting up this site. . You are going to help so many people who thought they were all alone in this, People like me. It feels so good to read others stories and I can identify with them. . . I know my Husband just looks at me like I'm crazy sometimes. . When I say my butt hurts or I'm tired of sleeping on my left or right side because I can't dare lay on my back.

Thank You, Crystal Wright

Hopeful in St. Louis

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