Bike accident


Posted 2008-08-17

Approximately five months ago I was in a bike road race. On a hill portion of the race, I got out of the saddle and was starting to climb when I got struck from behind by another cyclist's front wheel. The impact knocked her over and caused me to slam down on the tip of my bike seat and lean over to the left. I managed to pull myself up with out falling but the pain at the time was intense. Adrenaline took over and I finished the rest of the race. I was sore afterwards, but not too bad.

When I arrived home I attempted to get on my unicycle only to realize it was too painful. I iced periodically over the next two days but didn't think it was a big deal. I had bruised my tailbone before and didn't think it was a big deal. I returned to spin classes (just didn't sit on the seat) the third day. I would have pulling pain in the coccyx and glute area and delayed pain. Since I was use to working out 7 days a week, I would continue to try and work through the pain. I purchased a coccyx pillow so I was able to drive and sit at work.

For the next four months I tried everything to include; resting for extensive periods of time, physical therapy, four different chiropractors, and massage therapy. There were times when I thought I was cured and then something would happen. It seems like stretching or strengthening, manipulating the area would increase the pain. The only guaranteed times that I would have zero pain was the time frame right before a bowel movement and after laying down for an extensive period of time.

Although I am a police officer, I am currently assigned to detectives, which is mainly sitting. I recently wore my gun belt and my coccyx pain was absent as I walked around for six hours. When I removed the gun belt it returned. These reasons lead me to believe it is a joint or stability issue. I am currently seeing another chiropractor and have an appointment in two weeks with an osteopath; who is suppose to be good. Meanwhile I have not been able to ride my bike or resume my normal work outs. I started swimming, using a pullbouy between my legs, but this isn't pain free as I often get delayed pain.

I have been a competitive athlete all my life and always worked through injuries in the past. This tailbone pain has been agony for me and my family. I overheard my four year old tell an adult what a coccyx was the other day. It is extremely frustrating when people are amazed that I am still suffering from this and at times I think I am losing my mind.

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