Brushed off by GP, but manual treatment is working


Posted 2008-11-23

I was appalled at the apathy of my GP at providing anti imflammatories and leaving me to suffer - he actually told me there was no point in my returning after just one GP visit with no inspection!

After nearly a year of coccyx pain and being brushed off by my GP and crude manipulation at a teaching school who then gave up on me, I found Dr Robert Griffiths at the Sayer Clinic in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK). After X-ray assessment a dislocation was clearly seen in the coccyx and manipulated back with supplemental treatment to reduce inflammation.

The key was that Robert perserved and continued treatment over a number of visits. Major progress has been made and can only wish that I had started at the Sayer Clinic from the beginning and saved myself a year of increasing pain. There is no quick fix and so planned treatment over time should be expected but you must seek this level of specialist intervention as soon as possible.

John, 52, Accountant

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