Tailbone pain and back pain

Michelle - ChevyDuty396@aol.com

Posted 2008-07-02

I'm 46 and live in Texas, my pain is at the jumping off a bridge level. I've hacked the net looking for any help. My problem started September 2007 after picking up a very heavy dresser in March of 2007 and feeling something flip over in my belly area. And no warning a few months later, I started having very bad pushing pressure and pain in my hinnie or tailbone area and personal frontal area. Bowel movements and intercourse spasm my levator muscle. I went to the first and 2nd gyn and they said I had a prolapsed uterus and needed a hysterectomy, that was causing the pressure. Wrong diagnosis.

The 3rd obgyn said I had a huge tumour and that my uterus was tilted backwards and I needed a hysterectomy. He wasn't qualified to do a vaginal assisted hysterectomy. The 4th doctor, qualified and a specialist listened to me about not the tumour pain but the massive pain in my tailbone area and the bad pushing. He did the vag assisted hysterectomy, long surgery. After all is done, he said the pressure in my rectum and tailbone was caused by the flip flop I felt was my enlarged uterus wedged itself in my bowel. He said I would feel better in a few weeks after my intestines settled down from swelling.

6 weeks after my surgery on April 22 2008 my belly pains and incontinence are gone. But I told him the pain is worse and nothing's better in the tailbone and pushing syndrome. I told him I had a bad car wreck in 2006 and he said see your chiropractor again. My chiropractor said the pain in all of my personal area and the pressure is from the sciatic nerve still. His treatments don't help.

I finally have seen my 6th doctor on June 26 2008. A top neurologist and he said I did good in saying I diagnose myself with levator ani syndrome and a pinched nerve. I just had my steroid and lanacaine shots 6 total. I cried for 30 minutes after because the pain was gone after 1-1/2 years. He said it would be painful a few days later, hang on. But all my pain is back 6 days later. He said the medicine is time released and a second series would probably be needed.

My back pain is completely gone, but the tailbone and levator muscle is excruciating. I cant work and concentrate anymore. I'm self employed and I cant focus. Its ruling my life. The doctor started me on nurotin (siesre medicine) naproxen and soma for relaxing the levator muscle. And pain medicine. I can see some massive relief now when I stand up. But I can not sit at all or ride in the car and be bounced at all. I'm so stressed. If I yell or holler and feel alot of pain. The pain is bad enough but the mind frazzling issue is the pushing pain. It did subside alot after the spinal shots. I'm getting close to losing my mind.

The MRI showed a bulged disc from my car wreck and the doctor says 3,4,5 and the tailbone is my issue of the pain. He says the levator muscle is so spasmed. I can deal with the spine pain if I have any but the levator muscle is my issue. I wish someone could tell me a cure. Since my spinal shots last week, my bowel movements are so much better. My pain did subside. But the sitting is triggering the pain massively. I'm going to try a new chair with no pressure points and a soft pillow.Thanks so much for taking the time to read my crying story. This is ruling my life.....any comforting info will be appreciated.

Thanks, Michelle in Texas

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