Mesotherapy cured the pain

Fausto -

Posted 2008-06-15

In total, I did 3 mesotherapy sessions (with Dr Mendonša, Portugal - see Doctors and specialists in Portugal) and my pain has gone away by 100%. I am now able to sit in any type of surface I want to with no pain whatsoever, slouch if I wish to and even have my girlfriend sit on top of me without any pain.

I started having some very good results after the first treatment, with the pain going away by about 70%. With the second treatment of mesotherapy, the pain went away by about 99%. With the last treatment, I was totally rid of it.

Sometimes I *think* I still have a strange feeling in that area, specially if slouching, and I immediately change position, probably afraid it's going to start hurting again, only to realize that it either wasn't hurting to begin with and it was just my mind imagining it or that the pain was so little that just by shifting positions I make it go away. Either way, that works for me, reminds me not to slouch.

I am still going to ask my GP if he can refer me to do physiotherapy though, as that is what the doctor that did the mesotherapy treatment suggested.

The way he explained it was that his treatment would only take the pain away, but the coccyx would still be in an awkward position, therefore I should try to correct that after the pain was gone.

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