In pain, coccyx 90 degree angle!

Lisa -

Posted 2008-01-06


I have just found this web site and I am amazed to see so many people also suffering with similar conditions. When I was 13 I began having severe back pain, I was taken in hospital who diagnosed me with a slipped disk, for years I sat on a cushion at school and my bottom would be numb at college sitting in hours of classes, I shuffled around on buses chairs sofas etc. I thought this was the after effects of my slipped disk.

Until 2 year ago, the pain kept me off my feet, I could feel my coccyx when I lay in bed and my underwear was even giving me pain, as I sit on chairs my bottom goes numb and I get pain down my legs, I cannot stand for more than 20 mins, I decided I had had enough and went to the doctor. I had to see the physiotherapist to decide weather I needed to go to hospital...... She pressed so hard on my back she gave me bruises! Anyway alas she decided I needed looking at. I had a Scan, the doctor said they had found nothing wrong with my back to cause the pain....... 'then the doctor said 'oh except this, your coccyx is bent at a 90 degree angle!' he showed me the scan and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All these years in pain and there was a reason for it, how could they have missed this? Slipped disk?

I asked what can be done and he wasn't very helpful, exercise or injections or remove the bone. I am resistant to remove the bone, but I really need some help. I was offered an exercise program months later, but the man did not know about my back or anything he thought I was there to keep fit, so I was afraid to see him in case he made thing worse. I thought I would see a proper back physiotherapist........ I am 29 now and still in a lot of pain, I have started looking into exercise myself, I was wondering if anyone else has taken up exercise. If so what kind, I hear yoga is good? If anyone has any ideas or help you could advise me I would be really grateful.

Thank you Lisa xx

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