do I wait and see and hope it gets better?

Lindsey M -

Posted 2008-02-10

On July 4th, 2007, I went to sit on my wooden porch step and instead my tailbone hit the edge of the step, dislocating it. It is now at 90 degree angle, pointing forward instead of down.

I have been dealing with this injury for months now and am slowly losing it. After it first happened, I was in intense pain. I couldn't sit or lie down or go up stairs or anything. I can still no longer ride my bike, one of my greatest passions, which is truly upsetting. I had to take time off of work during the summer as I couldn't sit. In August, I went back to school. I am currently in my last semester of law school in St. Paul MN. I can't sit for more than 45 min without pain. Which is troublesome due to being in class or being in court for my internship. I pretty much have to take my memory foam butt pillow everywhere I go. My primary care doctor pretty much just says I should deal with this and just get used to the new position the tailbone is in. She says when I get pregnant, the baby will move the bone again, causing more pain. Physical therapy has yielded no help. I've had a cortisone injection, but that caused an intense 2 week of pain and only provided some relief for 2 weeks after I recovered from the injection pain!

Today I saw an Ortho surgeon. He looked at my CT scan and sort of laughed and said 'whoa' when he saw the position of my tailbone now. He said they like to wait a year after injury to recommend surgery so if I want it earlier, its really up to me. He said I shouldn't go forward just because I'm concerned about pregnancy/childbirth (we'd like to start our family in about 3 years). I told him my 2 main concerns are : pain relief and pregnancy/childbirth. Also, I'm in my last semester of law school so timing is an issue. This past finals period, I had the horrible pain shot and had to have accommodations from my school to get through exams. In May I'll have more finals and then in July I'll have the 2 days of the bar exam. In August, my boyfriend and I would like to take a 3 week roadtrip into the West.

The doctor basically said I could schedule the surgery and then call to cancel if I change my mind. The scheduler should call me next week.

So do I wait and see and hope it gets better? Possibly deal with this pain which affects my life everyday and during finals in May, the bar exam in July, and our roadtrip (which if we did it now, I'd have to take my Vicodin pretty much nonstop). Do I schedule the surgery as soon as possible and be disrupted during the semester? Do I schedule the surgery for May after graduation but before the bar exam and my roadtrip? Would I be recovered to sit through the bar exam in July and a roadtrip in August?

I'm so torn. Advice is much appreciated!

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