Coccyx pain faded, now come back

Anonymous -

Posted 2008-06-22

Excellent website. I am puzzled why with new microsurgery techniques their appears to be no attempt to straighten, re-align or padding of obvious damage of parts of the coccyx, seen with new equipment. This would prevent raw nerves being exposed and increased success rate, wouldn't it?

I have had mine about 23 years. Propelled myself into a bucket chair with few small sharp hard toys covered with towel at a party. Laughing and had a few drinks landing much heavier than normal. Nearly reached the roof screaming. Noticed few days later the pain extreme, told it would go away. Had no treatment whatsoever or any overly concerned doctor, though constantly mention it. Now I have so many other aches and pains from thin & hardened arteries, arthritis, and one other unknown means, I am spending more time resting in bed. This worries me more if I end up long term bedridden as I cannot sit up at that angle with pillows and there is some pain like crushing the coccyx, though less sharp.

Coccyx pain slowly dimmed over the years but always sensitive, till recently it again became sharp and unable to sit or get off chair without pain. . Wondering if now I might be suffering from long term complication of this pest, not having it attended to.

The good news is I can only sit at the computer or table with my ghastly old lime green dining chairs except on my old dining chairs I everyone wanted me to throw out. I have eight of them - lime green! Made here in Western Australia by Catt Furniture in Nedlands, in beautiful jarrah with swivel bases (hard to find) and simplest lines with limited padding. It is in the plastic moulded all in one shape of the seat, with rounded bucket seat sides slightly outwards and a real hook shape horizontal with front leg area considerably higher. This creates curve into back and a hollow right at the right spot, but looks elegant. Now out of fashion and probably not made any more.

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