Please don't sit on your legs

Andy Kirk -

Posted 2008-08-17

I discovered your web site some months ago, and found it very 'comforting' to know that other people had gone through the same experience that I was struggling with.

I developed Coccydynia in autumn 2007. It came on gradually. I still do not know what caused it. The reason for writing is to warn people against doing something that can make the situation even worse.

Back in January, I was sitting on the floor, with my legs underneath me, and my feet bent back underneath me, trying to get some relief from the discomfort. When I got up, I felt a 'twang' in my Achilles tendon, and a sharp pain in my foot. This made it impossible to put any weight on the foot. Staff at the hospital checked it out and said that it was not tendon damage, but something called Plantar Fasciitis inflammation of the tissue under the foot. They said to take paracetamol and give it a couple of weeks.

This made things very difficult, because I couldn't sit down because of the coccydynia, and now I couldn't stand up either because of the fasciitis! I spent quite a lot of time lying flat on my stomach, as the only position that was anything like comfortable. In desperation, after suffering this for several weeks with no improvement, I went to a private clinic, and they supplied some orthotics (shoe inserts), but at great expense. The inserts made a difference, but progress has been very slow, and it is only now, seven months later, that some improvement is noticeable. The fact that I cannot walk or stand as I used to, has meant that my general level of fitness is now very poor.

So my message is this: no matter how uncomfortable things become with your coccydynia, please, please don't sit on your legs. It could make things even worse.

Regards and best wishes

Andy Kirk


Windsor, Colorado

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