Relief from chiropractic adjustments

Anonymous -

Posted 2008-10-26

I have had tailbone pain since December 2007 which I noticed while I was lying down. No fracture or injury. I have since been for x-ray and MRI which show that I have a 2 mm posterior subluxation of the coccygeal segments. In other words my tailbone goes out instead of curving under and two segments are a right angles. Sitting is no fun and getting up from sitting to standing very uncomfortable.

I have had some relief from chiropractic adjustments but it only lasts about 10 days and even then am not completely pain free. I've just seen an orthopedic surgeon who is first recommending high doses of Omega 3 as an anti-inflammatory and a new appointment with an osteopathic physiotherapist.

I can feel it move or click when I move in different positions. Inflatable donuts don't seem to provide much relief. What about weak pelvic floor muscles? Which muscles hold the tailbone in place? Anyone know of good specialists in the Toronto, Canada area? Any luck with osteopathy?

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