Pelvic floor physical therapy

Anonymous -

Posted 2008-03-03

I damaged my coccyx in childbirth 8 years ago and have had increasing pain ever since. I am from Massachusetts, USA, a hub of modern medicine. No one had a clue as to how to help me. My chiro tried stretching my lower back and adjusting it, the world renowned ortho doc wanted to remove my tailbone, the colo-rectal surgeon wanted me to take belladonna and opium suppositories and the acupuncturist was convinced, even though I had no improvement at all from her treatment that she had cured me. My gynecologist was at a loss and asked her colleague, the urogynecologist who said, without hesitation, "pelvic floor physical therapy."

There are only a few PFPTs in Massachusetts and all have a very long waiting list. I found one about 40 minutes form my home (Marathon Physical Therapy, Norton, Massachusetts, see Doctors and specialists in the USA) and waited 4 months for my first appointment. I was a bit horrified that the treatment is internal. I was seriously considering not trying it but she was really professional, understood my trepidation so I figured, "what the heck, what's a little more embarrassment, maybe it will work." Her theory is that the original injury did not heal properly and the Levator muscles and others have tightened. My coccyx is leaning to the left.

The treatments are very uncomfortable. When she works on the left Levator, it's as though I am having a very bad cramp in that muscle. She works on other muscles too as well as my belly and my tailbone form the outside. After my session, I am pain free. It creeps back through the week but I am noticing decreased pain! Luckily my gynecologist got my insurance to cover as many sessions as medically necessary. The PT told me that some women have to come for as long as a year for complete resolution. I am just happy that something seems to be helping, finally! I will keep you posted.

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