I have been in pain for 6 years now

Sue - pet333@aol.com

Posted 2008-10-12

My pain began 4 weeks post op from a vaginal hysterectomy in Dec 2002. The best descriptions was it felt like a broom handle up my rectum. This went on for months. The doctor that did the hysterectomy gave me a prescription of percocet and xanax. I never filled the xanax. He thought the pain was in my head. I found it impossible to sit normal. For 3 years I sat on my right cheek with a towel rolled under my left cheek. This caused more back problems.

I have a complete set of records where I have tried everything from valium for muscle spasms, nerve blocks, acupuncture, pain medicine, injections, you name I tried it.

It was determined after 3 days in the hospital and an epidural with numbness from the waist down that the source of my pain was my coccyx and not my pelvic floor.

I had my coccyx removed in Jan 07 and my pain level went from 9-10 to 4-5. But everyday, every hour I am still in pain. When I sit, walk, exercise, try to live, I have pain. I sit on ice packs all day long. From your web site I see I am not alone. If anyone interested has a fax number I could fax my history to them. I hope to find help and in return would be happy to help someone else when I can.

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